Giant Ancient Pyramid discovered in Europe ?!

If this discovery is what they think it is, this could radically change what we know about human history!

VISOKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Researchers on Wednesday unearthed geometrically cut stone slabs that they said could form part of the sloping surface of what they believe is an ancient pyramid lying beneath a huge hill.

Osmanagic believes the structure will prove to be 722 feet high, or a third taller than Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza.;_ylt=ArNUYz01IF7N11sEcFs_MzOs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MzV0MTdmBHNlYwM3NTM-

this is really quite a cool discovery. the interesting thing is that there are two smaller pyramid-like objects in the area. similar to the great pyramids in egypt.

There are a bunch of videos popping up on internet news sites now - some of the footage (from a distance) sure looks like a pyramid.

Really some very cool stuff there.

After a quick search I found a webcam set up at the site - Here

is that a real web cam? it looks like the image never changes?

Can’t be sure, I found it on a site that had many links to videos and images of the area.

It’s 1 image, as the link is .jpg

and I sat looking at it for 3 minutes to see if the clouds moved! :cO

Keep watching, maybe you’ll start having illusions that the clouds ARE actually moving!


I actually heard about that yesterday — sooo cool!!!
Not to mention my two best friends are in Bosnia right now

This is a pretty good site about the pyramid, too:

that is awesome. Maybe itll actually hint to us how they did the first ones, and then the alien theory will no longer apply. Then i wouldnt have to defend it in my history classes anymore :slight_smile:

Yes, the image is here. Although I wonder, I’ve never heard of it before, but is it possible to have a .jpg that continuously updated itself, maybe once every couple minutes, to display a new image uploaded from a webcam? It seems like it would be possible, and would certainly save bandwidth as opposed to a video stream.

[quote=sciencenerd]Yes, the image is here.QUOTE]
At this moment, it’s very early morning (read: Dark) there. Looks kinda too sunny for the middle of the night…


Yes, it is used quite often, but there is no refreshing on the page or in the page’s HTML, therefore this cannot be true.

The picture has not changed in the last two days, and I noticed this earlier too.[/quote]

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m on this side of the Pond!

cross references it with BBC


I saw a great program on the history channel about the first emperor of China, and the burial tomb he had made for himself. They have not dug into it to confirm that it is man made, but if it is then the Chinese were also building giant pyramids in 200BC - in complete isolation from the rest of the world. The one in china is mostly dirt and loose rock (from what Ive seen about it) but the basic form is the same.

in the news today

"An Egyptologist who investigated two hills in central Bosnia believed by some to be ancient pyramids on Wednesday recommended that archaeological digs be carried out there. "