Gigapan Panoramic Pictures - 2009

Hey everyone!

This year I was able to go to the FRC championship purely as a spectator; as such I happen to have a lot of free time at the event this year… And I also happened to get my hands on a Gigapan!

For those of you who do not know what a Gigapan is, it is simply a robotic pan/tilt device that you mount on a tripod that aids you in taking pictures in such a way that they can be later stitched together to make one large panoramic picture! These pictures can often end up being quite enormous, sometimes up into the gigapixel range! (Hence the giga in Gigapan)

Anyways, with my new camera I aim to take as many panoramic pictures from this years event as possible and I’ll be sure to post all of them here! I can’t promise more than one per day since on my laptop it usually takes at least 3 hours depending on the amount of pictures to put them all together and another hour to upload it.

For my first picture I present to you a view of the courtyard between the pit building and the arena: (384 Megapixels, 105 pictures)

There were actually many more people in the courtyard than appear in the picture, it just so happened that they were all moving around and since there is a sizable amount of time between pictures you don’t always see everyone. (Sometimes you may even see the same person twice :P) And also some people may get partially cut off through the stitching software.

Feedback and suggestions for future pictures are welcome!


This is so cool!
And a lot of fun zooming in and out.


(Get a shot of the PITS!)

Gigapan is a fantastic piece of technology and something so simple in concept that I was wholly surprised to see that no one tried to create before, or at least market to the same level of success as Gigapan.

A fun example to look at for Gigapan would be the Obama inauguration. It’s so clear you can see exactly what each individual is doing.

It would be great if you could get some shots from inside the Dome!

I had a great day today! I got 5 more gigapan shots! :smiley:

That was the first thing I took today, from inside that cafe. That’s the one I’m currently stitching together. It was 150 pictures, I estimate it’ll be about .55gigapixels. :cool: … I’ll upload it as soon as possible!

I got 3 inside the dome today. I’ll be looking the get access to the upper levels of the stands tomorrow to get a wide shot during the finals on Einstein… We’ll see how that goes :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a previous thread with a championship gigapan:

Here’s the picture of the PITS:](

It ended up being .77gigapixels.

In all honestly, I’m not completely happy with how it turned out. I should have done something to get rid of the glare on the top, and even though I thought I had all my camera settings constant the colors still seemed to change throughout the picture. Also, I probably should have moved over a few more windows to center it a bit better… I may redo this one tomorrow in hopes of getting a better result, either way, enjoy this one for what its worth! :slight_smile:

  • Austin

Wow thats really cool. It would look really cool if you could get one of the crowd

Ok, so none of my other pictures turned out quite as great as I wanted, but I still think they’re nice. :slight_smile: … I forgot to keep some of the camera settings constant, so that why some pics have a more yellow tint, others more blueish.

Main hall leading to the pits:](
(.33 gigapixels)

The Dome (From Curie/Archi side… I’m not sure what happened in the middle, maybe I bumped the camera):](
(.46 gigapixels)

Curie Division:](
(.59 gigapixels)

Archimedes Division:](
(.42 gigapixels)

I had planned on taking some pictures of the huge crowd and Einstein during the finals, however, the team of the mentor I was borrowing the Gigapan from did not make it to the finals and the mentor wanted to get some Gigapan pictures of his own. From what he told me he got a great picture - that he estimated to be 1.5gigapixels - during the finals. I’m not sure he frequents ChiefDelphi enough to pickup on this thread and post his picture, so I’ll try to get a link to it from him once he stitches it.

So, that’s all the pictures I was able to take… Hopefully next year I’ll have my camera better figured out and get some better quality, higher resolution pictures (most of these were taken with between 2x and 4x zoom, my camera goes up to 10x)

Anyways, enjoy!

  • Austin

(if anyone else had a Gigapan they took to nationals, please feel free to post your pictures here too!)

This is really, really cool. Thanks for sharing!

I really hope you’re coming to IRI… we could use some gigapans too. Albert is ready for his closeup. :smiley:


I’v never been to IRI as a participant or a spectator, but I’d love to go! I’ll see what I can do! I’ll try to get the Gigapan out there if I can go. :slight_smile:

  • Austin

Hmmm… I wonder what the team member was saying to the Curie head ref while he was pointing to their legs:yikes:

I saw Dave Lavery playing around with something on top of a ladder during the Einstein playoffs. Does anyone know if that was a gigapan taking pictures of the crowd?

Yes, Dave had his Gigapan equipment there. I’m sure we’ll see something posted about it in the near future.

Where is the shot that Dave Lavery took of the stands while he stood at einstein?

I think I saw you taking this. Camera mounted on an automated panorama head on a tripod on a table?

Also, what software are you all using? I shoot basic panoramas and use the latest AutoPano beta and it works amazingly well.

Yup! That was me!

I’m just using the free Gigapan Stitcher software Gigapan put out. I remember reading on the download page that I’m not supposed to distribute the software or publish links to it or something weird like that… And it’s a bit hard to find, but if you’re looking for it a Google search of “gigapan stitcher” may prove fruitful… :wink:

  • Austin

If you download AutoPano and e-mail Kolor they will give you a temporary license key. Or at least, they did for me. It does a really good job of doing color correction and stuff like that.

Okay so in this picture, I’m talking to someone from 1124, the uberbots, and Jesse a college student is talking to 40 about the problems we had in our first match.

I saw dlavery carrying a Gigapan around, maybe he has some pics to share?

I use Hugin for my pano pictures. I’m still working on stitching them, so it will be a while before I have anything to post. Thanks for the shots!