Gimp vs Photoshop

#21 has a easier UI than GIMP (to me anyways), and its freeware you should really check it out. :slight_smile:


Another vote for and Inkscape, mostly because they’re free, and secondarily because they’re pretty good. (I haven’t actually used GIMP, so I don’t have an opinion on it.)

Incidentally, I’ve never seen a good explanation of why Photoshop still uses a scratch disk, rather than using Windows NT’s own perfectly good memory management. (A pox on archaic memory management techniques, I say.) That fact always makes me wary of what lurks within Photoshop’s codebase.


GIMP is free which is always a good thing. not to mention it can fairly compete with PS in terms of photo editing capabilities. i would not spend alot of money for additional features the PS can do but if you got money to burn, then why not.


I guess it differs with each one’s preference and experience. I, for one, prefer PS since I have using it for years. I was introduced to GIMP just a couple of months ago. I would prefer the one that I am already comfortable with, which in this case Photoshop. In short, those new to both PS and GIMP will have a harder time to choose. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use Gimp with the addin Gimp Paint Studio which rearranges the window locations as well as adding a number of useful brushes and tool sets. For most uses, I feel like it is just about as functional as Photoshop. I can second Inkscape as a vector editor, I use it all the time. Another good free program is Scribus, which is useful for creating page layouts. I suggest getting the release candidate, as it is much better-featured than the stable version.



It is a good addon, but you might as well, use Krita for painting, or even Mypaint.

Inkscape, is also highly recommended. Even though I do not use it.
Photoshop and both GIMP are excellent tools, if you can use them that is. I per GIMP since its FOSS. But their development team has been pretty…urggh


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Plugins are amazing for Paint.NET.


I can say that Photoshop is the way to go even though it is much more expensive. I bought the Adobe Production Premium for myself with the student discount (80% OFF). It was 200$ for the CS5 version with the student discount and 100$ gift certificate.


If you don’t want to/can’t afford to buy Photoshop. Between and the GIMP, you have just about everything you need for your Image Editing. Sure there are things missing that Photoshop can do, however a lot of those are available as scripts for GIMP and I believe you can get plugins for

When on Windows I know I enjoy using And I use GIMP on all my Computers and it is great (after many hours getting used to it, its not quite as user friendly as, then again neither is Photoshop).

Then if you want to do vector designs, there is inkscape.


I have used both Photoshop and GIMP. Overall, I do like Photoshop’s interface much more but I am also being very biased because I taught myself a basic understanding of Photoshop when I was about 12/13. It’s pretty much a preference/buyers standpoint if you are looking to go forward with one or the other. Even though the interfaces and prices (GIMPs lack of having one :D) really can settle the dispute. Try both and figure it out from there but if I had to chose one it would be Photoshop.


I have used both and I would choose Adobe Photoshop over GIMP any day. Theres more tools and very easy to work on a project between their different programs.

so Photoshop.


Photoshop and Illustrator seem endless in their capabilities compared to and gimp.

But use the free software if you will only be making a few pieces

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I started to use GIMP when I was 13, and I finally got to learn Photoshop last year. I definitely prefer Photoshop to GIMP, although the latter is certainly a viable alternative if you want a free image manipulation program.


Having used GIMP,, and Photoshop CS3-CS6 (plus Elements 4 and PS Touch), I think Elements is the best bang for your buck, but it all depends on what you use it for. I use a Bamboo Pen and Touch to sketch and paint virtually, so I need Photoshop. But for basic editting, the freeware is a better route. Given unlimited funds I’d pick CS3 any day of the week.


I know this is an old thread but I wanna chime in. We use both GIMP and Photoshop on the team. There are times when our students who are great with Photoshop are sick or swamped and the older mentors or other students step in to help. They prefer using gimp in this situation. However, my personal taste is with Adobe Creative Suite.




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I have done this with GIMP…it is pretty straightforward, but it is time consuming for more complicated paths.