Girl Scouts: Robotics Interest Project

Greetings, fellow Girl Scouts/robotics nerds! I know I’m not the only one, so I thought I’d share what my leader found:

This is a Robotics Interest Project, which is a patch for Cadettes through Ambassadors (grades 6-12).

And it mentions FIRST!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this.
And if you choose to do Career Investigation 1, you can research and talk about Dean Kamen , and who doesn’t love doing that?
This will literally take five minutes to do. I am so excited.

It’s funny, we just made plans to do a demo for a girl scout troop next week! I will ask them if they are interested in having us help them fulfill the requirements for the badge!

Thank You!:slight_smile:


I will post it to the Girl Scout of the Jersey Shore website! Thanks for sharing!

Coach Rich Morgan
FIRST since 2005

Very nice to see this degree of saturation into other programs. They do need a copy editor for the document though. I found one misspelling in the first 10 seconds of viewing. :eek:

The “ASHONISHING” jumped out at me in less than a second, but I think what really needs to be fixed is the continual reference to Aviation instead of Robotics.