girlPOWER, Ramp Riot, & B.E. 2013 Full-Field Match Footage

Over the Thanksgiving break, FRC Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, was finally able to upload and organize the full-field match footage recorded during three MAR off-season events this past fall: GirlPOWER Invitational (hosted by 433), Ramp Riot (hosted by 341), and Brunswick Eruption (hosted by 25). 1676 was fortunate enough to get a new HD video camera over the summer, and I believe that out of all of the matches played, only 5 were not recorded. You’ll be able to find the playlists of each competition below:

GirlPOWER Invitational:
Ramp Riot:
Brunswick Eruption:

After the full-field footage in each playlist, there are a few videos focused on 1676 from the stands posted for Ramp Riot and Brunswick Eruption, and GoPro compilation videos of 1676 from GirlPOWER. Thanks to all of the host teams and volunteers for making these off-seasons possible, and also for letting 1676 record and upload the match footage. As always, feel free to check out all of the other 9+ years of videos on 1676’s YouTube Channel; the 1,000 video mark was passed this past week! :wink:

*As a side note: *To the 6 teams who graciously let me ‘GoPro’ them at Duel on the Delaware, sorry for the delay in the posting of that footage, but college has gotten in the way :rolleyes:. However, I return back home for winter break in a week from today, so those match compilation videos will hopefully be uploaded later next week. Also, myself and some other recent Pi-oneer alumni are finishing up in the polishing and posting of the rest of our IRI 2013 footage, which will hopefully be up soon as well, with our ‘mockumentary’ planning to be uploaded later this month if all goes well.