Girls Camp 2005

Well once again S.P.A.M., team 180 has put on Girls’ Camp. The camp was designed to inspire girls and show them how to use the machines in the pit. Guys aren’t the only ones that have to be building the robot or making parts.

Today started this year’s camp. There are mostly veterans but one rookie came to the camp. They learned about machine safety, lubrication of the machines, pit safety and a few tools. Most of the girls have never used any of the machines that S.P.A.M. has in their pit so it’s an all new experience.

Each girl will make a name id bracelet/necklace and a spur gear.
Last year the girls fixed S.A.M.'s omni wheels and made a nut and bolt.

Maybe we’ll end up making something else we shall see. But on Friday the girls will be visiting another machine shop, TCT.

This year a write up about the camp and how to start it basically will be done…so look out for that white paper later on this summer.

Thanks go out to Ms. Chen-Lee and Jack Heyer for teaching the girls and support for girls in FIRST. This camp wouldn’t exist without them.

I’ll post some photos later this week.

(Even though I’m off the team…I still get to play on the machines here :smiley: )