Girls Generation Oregon 2022 Registration

Calling all FRC teams in Oregon! In order to hold Girls Generation 2022 more teams need to register! If you are a mentor for an Oregon FRC team please check for an email from ORTOP and register your team, and if you are a student please ask a mentor to check for that email. If you do not have enough members to field a drive team but are still interested, please indicate that on the registration survey, and the lovely people who are organizing the event can help you so that interested members can participate. Girls Generation Oregon will be a replay of Rapid React with the same rules. For those of you who don’t know, Girls Generation is an off season competition in which only non-male identifying members are able to interact with the robot in any way. This includes all drive team positions and all robot repairs and maintenance. Male identifying team members are welcome to attend and advise if necessary, but they must keep their hands in their pockets at all times. This event is held to be empowering and to be an inclusive and welcoming space.


When did the email go out? I’m the coach of 2733 and have seen nothing. I also emailed ORTOP recently asking for more info but have not gotten a reply.

I’m in the same boat, I saw an interest form early on but not a registration form. 1540 is planning to attend!


@jjfantastic @TheOtherGuy A survey went out at the end of July (from ORTOP). The registration hasn’t gone out yet. If you are interested please email [email protected] to be added to the list. Thank you for your interest in Girls Generation Oregon!

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Ok, I did fill out the interest form when that came out, but have seen no other info about it. Will keep an eye out for actual registration!

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If any team is needing a girl or two to help on the drive team at this event, let me know. 2811 currently has twenty three girls coming - so we can provide help if needed.

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We’ll very probably need some help filling out our crew.
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