Girls' Generation & Rookie Rumble Registration Open

This fall there are a series of events for FIRST Robotics Teams in the Northwest to get ready for the competition season you won’t want to miss. REGISTER NOW FOR THESE at the links below.

GIRLS’ GENERATION PORTLAND-- Ultimate Ascent 10/19/13
Sometimes girls get relegated to stereotypically female roles on teams. Not on this day. Only girls will be allowed on drive teams and only girls and their mentors work on the robots in the pit areas. Adults are not allowed to be drive coach. We’re trucking out an official field again this year which makes this as close to the real thing as we can achieve. Many volunteers are pitching in to make it happen and to get practice for the upcoming district competitions. Guys can come and cheer on the girls. Hosted at Catlin Gabel in Portland. REGISTER NOW at

ROOKIE RUMBLE – Ultimate Ascent 10/20/13
A new event this year. Since the real field is here and the volunteers are warmed up, we’ll play Ultimate Ascent one last time,. but with a twist. Each drive team position is only open to those students who did NOT hold that role in the last competition season. Additionally, the pit crew must not have been the primary pit crew last season. Adults are not allowed to be drive coach but can help in the pits if absolutely needed. Besides just being good fun this is a way for students to try out for team positions in the upcoming season. Open to both male and female team members. REGISTER NOW at Hosted at Catlin Gabel in Portland.

We weren’t able to keep for Girls’ Generation and Rookie Rumble free this year because of the enormous expense of shipping a field out from Indiana. The registration will be $200 per team for Girls’ Generation or Rookie Rumble or $300 for the pair. This isn’t a fundraiser for our team, this just barely breaks even. Teams for which this is an extreme hardship should drop me a line and we’ll work something out. We WANT everyone to come.