Girls, need a hair tie?

Hey everyone! So this post is specifically for the ladies of the FIRST Community! Our team is wanting to make little kits of emergency supplies for ladies at regional, things like hair ties, feminine supplies, bobby pins, and other things that are sometimes hard to come across at a competition. :slight_smile: Does anyone have any other ideas of things that are hard to come across at a competition?

This is a pretty cool idea - and definitely helpful for the ladies of FRC.
I know one year, a team at NC Regional put baskets in the ladies restroom with feminine supplies.
Generally speaking, maybe some band aids and antiseptic/alcohol wipes? Just for minor cuts/injuries (like papercuts and knicks.)
Other than that, I don’t really see anything else that would be needed.

Throat lozenges both menthol and non-menthol is something we also make sure to take with us.

safety pins.

This is totally a great idea! I know that I always bring a flashlight, at least two hair ties, and an Altoids tin full of “girl-stuff” (yes I just used that term) to fit in my back pocket at all times. This next one wouldn’t be something we could provide on a large scale, but I think maybe some of us should bring multi-tools or Swiss Army Knives as well? It’d be helpful to have some extra tools on hand, don’t you think??

Depending on your regional - extra soap. Some of the competitions run out and don’t always refill promptly. (In NYC, this happens sometimes on Sunday because we share the bathroom with the NYC FLL finals and there are a lot of girls there so the bathroom gets extra use.)

travel-sized deodorant
small hand cream and/or chapstick? (it is so hot & dry at some events)

Great idea! :slight_smile:

Lip hydration has been a big problem for me, I don’t know why, perhaps I get too caught up in the event that I don’t properly hydrate myself. I make a point of bringing a tube of lip balm to every first event, and I double up when travelling due to the difference in humidity. I usually try to keep one per pair of pants when travelling.

Can we get this for the boys at the regional too? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found that hair ties and bobby pins are the main things I bring. Our team has a small box in our toolbox with hair ties and bobby pins for those that forget them.

I wonder what people would say if teams started giving these away as freebies… we need to get a deodorant sponsor.

Also, as a guy with long hair, I probably should wear a hair tie more in the pits more often than I do. Though as a programmer the main times I end up risking getting caught in the robot are changing batteries, messing with the router, and checking electrical connections. Most of which involve the robot being unable to move and make matters worse, but better to be safe than sorry.

I use the large VEX chain to hold all my keys together, because the chain pops apart, and it’s really easy to put new rings on, but I also used some of the open unused links for hair ties, since my hair , when pulled down straight from its natural curly state, can reach my waist. Add moving parts in a robot, and I’ve got disaster if my hair isn’t tied.

I always keep around three hair ties on my VEX chain just in case I snap one since my curls poof with ridiculous, uncontrollable volume. The chain stays on a carabiner, and the carabiner on a belt loop. It’s convenient for everyday use, and competition use. Since I carry spares, I’ll always be willing to donate a hair tie to a long haired FIRST-er in need, female or male!

I highly recommend trying the VEX chain for keys. you can hold so much with it. Just make a small loop about the diameter of two inches, and you have more than enough “slots” for hair ties, fobs, keys, and whatever else you want to put on it. Then link the chain loop to a carabiner, and you have a convenient way to store all your dangling essentials.

Check in with senior mentor Kathie Kentfield - she used to build these kits in the early 00s up in NE and they were super useful.

First of all, I’m a boy and I have long hair. But I always have spare hair ties at competition.

Sleep is another thing hard to come across at competition :stuck_out_tongue: , and I wish it was just as simple as pausing time, but I can’t see how we can overcome the sleep issue.

Purel is essential but it is only good if you use it. I carry mine around my neck on my ID lanyard.

I remember when Kathie made these! They were lifesavers.

As someone who works several all girls events for cheerleading and works at an arena here are some do’s and don’ts I’ve learned:

Pay it forward, if you have extra “girl items” leave some
Say thank you to the team that supplies them
Only take what you need
Keep it clean and organized
Notify arena staff that it’s there (so nobody throws it out)
Make sure mints or gum is individually wrapped… Bathrooms are nasty.

Use personal hygiene products (lip balms and deodorant sound good until everyone has the flu)
Share combs, lice happens… Trust me on this one. You never know who’s sibling walked in from daycare with them.
Leave it a mess.
Forget to grab it at the end of each day (arena staff isn’t there to clean up after you)

The dollar tree sells baskets and bowls you can use and won’t miss if they get lost/stolen.

This is a GREAT idea!

This is a really really cool idea. Would these kits be more like little-bags-to-hand-out or baskets-with-things-to-take/borrow?

Everything I’d suggest for such a kit has already been mentioned. For my personal “competition emergency kit”, I usually try to have:
hair ties (with extras!), hair clips
feminine supplies (with extras!)
post or stud earrings (for those annoying-to-reach reset buttons)
a USB flash drive
an extra team shirt
saline solution and a contact lens case (I wear contacts)
writing utensils
and snacks (some with chocolate and some with salt).
The first three are the most reasonable to put into a general kit, but I’ve needed all of them at at least one competition.

Zip-ties are plentiful at FRC competitions.
Hair tie problem solved?? :rolleyes:

Nothing could be more attractive to FRC boys than zip-ties in the hair :stuck_out_tongue: