Girls Project at every regional

For the last couple of years our team did some experiments to increase the number and “hands on” participation of the girls in our school. (see this and this) This year we want to collect some data at the regionals on the aspects of participation of women at the events.

Since we will only be attending the Arizona regional and the Championship, we are looking for some volunteers to collect numerical information for us.

Specifically, two or more people who can spend up to an hour during practice afternoon, and up to an hour in the mornings and afternoon during seeding matches. We don’t need data during the final afternoon matches. SO… 1 hour first day, 2 hours second day, 1 hour third day.

If there are four or six or eight volunteers at a regional, an individual would only collect info for one or two shifts.

If you or your team is interested in working on this with us, contact me, Allan Cameron at and I’ll send you a lot more details. We would like to gather information from every regional.


Allan & Mabel

theres an all girl school from honolulu,hawaii going to one of my regional which is the hawaii regional if that mean anything to you
the school is sacred harts academy

Actually, there are a number of all-girl teams, usually from an all-girls school. It will be interesting to see if there is an increase due to the support of the Girl Scouts.

Anyway, still looking for volunteers.

Hi Dr. Cameron and Mabel,

I remember visiting the team in the pits last year and both of you talking a little bit about this project. If I recall, you were very excited about the idea and the project was still in development stages, figuring out how you were going to implement it. Sounds like it’s good to go and now you need some wonderful volunteers to help you. I don’t know too much about it but I know enough to think that those who put their hands up, get involved, and help you guys out, will have an eye-opening and wonderful experience.

As always, I wish FRC 842 the best, and I’m looking forward to a visit at the Championship. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do in the Hall of Fame.


What information is being collected?

Is the info something that can be collected during team scouting in the pit, or during match scouting in the stands? We have dedicated students that do both of these activities. If the collection could be tailored to fit in one of these activities, but not add significantly to the effort in those activities, we would consider adding it in to the info we collect on teams during those activities.

It is collected in the pits. It should only take about a half hour.
Once Thursday afternoon
Once Friday morning, again Friday afternoon
Once Saturday morning.

Each run requires about a 5-20 second stop at each pit. It would be difficult to do while scouting, I think.

I’m trying not to disclose too much because it could influence the results. Send my your email address at and I’ll send you the details if you are interested.


I’m in for OKC. :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul,

We have OK, AZ, the Championship, Michigan championship, Peachtree, and the Midwest regionals covered. Any other teams willing to volunteer a couple of people for a couple of hours?

Email me for more info:

I’m having trouble understanding what exactly you are trying to figure out.
Are you trying to get an idea of the involvement of women in FIRST by spending a total of 15 seconds to 1 minute at each pit over the course of three days?

15 seconds to 1 minute at each pit 4 times during the event. It works out pretty well. If there are 60 teams, that’s an hour or less each time. It is actually kind of interesting to do.

Rolling Thunder (1511) will cover the Finger Lakes Regional (week 2) and the Chesapeake Regional (week 4). Let us know what to do!

Bacon can take Florida if you need us to. Just let me know what to do

Team 2415 is going to Peachtree and Palmetto. We can definitely help at Peachtree, and probably at Palmetto too…I’ll talk to my coaches and team, but for now, count us in!

I have one team that is willing to do Peachtree. You are the first to volunteer for Palmetto.

Can you email me at and I’ll send details



I’ll try to cover Oregon and Seattle. I’m already in email contact.

Team 2265 can do the NYC and Connecticut Regionals.

Send me your email address at and I’ll send the details. Thanks so much!!


Anyone going to:

Boston Regional
Finger Lakes Regional
San Diego Regional
Los Angeles Regional
Pittsburgh Regional
Silicon Valley Regional
Wisconsin Regional
Israel Regional
Bayou Regional
Boilermaker Regional
Chesapeake Regional
NASA VCU Regional
Philadelphia Regional
St. Louis Regional
Waterloo Regional
Colorado Regional
Greater Toronto Regional
Hawaii Regional
Las Vegas Regional
Lone Star Regional
Palmetto Regional
Sacramento Regional
Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition State Championship
Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional
Minnesota North Star Regional

and would be willing to volunteer (see post 1), please email me.


Hand up in the air for Lone Star. I’ll try to get some ‘volunteers’ to help me out and I’ve responded in the e-mail.

I’ve already volunteered team 1511 for Finger Lakes and for Chesapeake. You can cross those off your list as well!