Girls Project at every regional

Thank you!!


Definitely swing by team 20’s pit at UTC, the two pit captain’s happen to be girls (one of the girls being me ^.^)

Hey Alan,

Wanted to let you know that we are working to have a team at every regional to help raise the awareness of girls involved in FIRST. Check out Specifically the thread under

Would you be interested in working together on this? I am sure that teams that are signing up to be ambassadors of UsFirstGirls would be more than willing to help. We are putting together a kit for each of the ambassador teams, so if you send us a write up of the information you want collected we can include it. [email protected]

It would be great also if some of the teams that have signed up with you would also be interested in helping with UsFirstGirls!

Team 2491 can probably gather information for the MN 10,000 Lakes Regional. I sent you an email just a minute ago.

Please be aware that this thread was resurrected from 2009. Did the project provide any results? What were the successes last year?

Sounds like something we could get the girls do :ahh:
And before anyone takes offense and decides to blast me, this is a JOKE.
My daughter is my reason for being involved in FRC.
So, I’ll see if we can get some of the goofy boys to do it.

Thanks Gary. Didn’t look close enough at the dates.

Well it is a good idea, if anyone helped collect data last year can you give us an idea of what you did. We can collect some data like that this year and post the results at the end on The idea of is to keep things going from year to year, so information can be collected and continued over the years.

We helped out with this project last year. We had a list of the teams that attended the regional, and went around to each pit, collecting data such as how many girls v. boys were on the team, how many girls v. boys v. mentors had their hands on the robot at the time we went by. I think this was done to see how involved the girls were. I will try to remember more details about it.