Git Hub with Eclipse

I set up Git Hub for Eclipse today via Egit. It was kind of a pain and much harder than it was in Net Beans. I am curious if anyone has a better idea or any recommendations. I program in Java if it matters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m personally a command line guy, but two other good GUI clients are SourceTree by Atlassian and Github for Windows, by Github.

If you don’t like the Eclipse Git setup, you can just use Github for windows (with or without the command line interface) (, and set up a new repository that’s located in your project’s folder. It’s very user friendly and works nicely.

I swear by SourceTree. Just remember that whatever Git Solution you choose, it doesn’t have to be integrated with Eclipse.

The Chop Shop is teaching the students to use Github for Windows this year. (In the past, we used Mercurial, but git is more widely adopted, among other reasons)

The way our team is doing it is modeled after the “github workflow” - there’s one upstream repository (belonging to the team), and each student has their own fork that they’re responsible for keeping up to date. All submissions are done via a pull request to the upstream - to ease learning git, we’re not (really) talking about branches (yet), though if any of the students seem to need them, we’ll cover them.

Our team started using sourcetree last year, and so far it’s my favorite git client. Our team uses one repo in our team organization, with our lead coders being admins and everyone else being in the default usergroup. Our team has historically had one programmer, so we only used git for revision control but last year we had 1.5, and started using feature branches, but haven’t ever taken full advantage of forking and git flow. This year we have 4 coders, so im interested to see if we can keep our revisions control clean.

Thanks for all of the help!