Git permission denied - please help!


When I try to push code changes to git from the VS Code editor on a laptop, I get this message “Git: remote Permission to XXX. git denied to ex-student-ID” The path is correct and other laptops can push to this location. The problem is that we cannot find out how/where the ex-student (from last year) is logged in. I am able to use the git config commands to set global and local user name and user email to my own credentials. I can use the git config commands to show the user id and email and they are mine. But when I push I still get an error that access is denied to the ex-student. I cannot figure out where the ex-student’s info is stored on the laptop. Any suggestions?? Thanks-in-advance. :slight_smile:


Check the credential manager in windows. If you get something like Sourcetree or GitKraken it might give you better insight as a UI over git as well.


Thank-you!!! I removed the git credential from Windows Credential Manager and that worked! Thanks again. :smile: