Gitchi Gummi Get-Together 2016

Please join the Duluth East Daredevils at the 2016 Gitchi Gummi Get Together! This friendly summer competition is a fun, constructive place to help teams stay active through the summer months. Here, we get together to practice driving, get to know each other better, and enjoy the great city of Duluth!

Questions? Email us at [email protected] and register at

We hope to see you there!

What: Gitchi Gummi Get Together

When: July 29-30, 2016

Where: Lincoln Park Middle School 3215 W 3rd St, Duluth, MN 55806

Registration fee. $200.00

Food costs: Dinner will be provided @ $10 on Friday. Lunch is $5 Saturday.

Housing: Housing is available at UMD. The cost is 32$ a night per room, two occupants per room.

Remember to sign up for this event. Last year was exciting and had some great competition, this year we hope to have more of the same.

We are interested. When is the deadline to register ? How many teams is the max? Who has registered so far?

We need people to register by about June 25th. We have a maximum of 18 teams this year, and only one team, 93, has registered so far.

857 is planning to come, I just need to figure out room and lunch numbers first.

18 - why is this? Is it more about room?

4607 is interested but we will not know until a little later on.

I set a dead line for 3244 to let me know who will be coming with us by May 25. I will then register our team.

We won’t have the space this year for more pits, but next year we hope to expand to 24.

I have a quick amendment to this, if you register after June 25th you will not be able to stay at UMD, as they need the number of rooms by then. If you register after you are responsible for finding your own place to stay. However, please be smart about it and try to get registered before then either way, it will make organization much easier.

Hotels in Duluth can get relatively expensive in summer, so if your team wants to stay at a hotel instead of camping or staying at UMD, it would be prudent to register sooner.

Camping … do you have any suggestions? ??

2169 has stayed at the Spirit Mountain camp grounds in the past. Nice place. And not too far from Duluth East High School.

Unfortunately we were unable to reserve the high school this year so it will be at Lincoln Park Middle School, which is closer to the Spirit Mountain campgrounds anyways :]

Oh ok. Thanks!
(Maybe I should have reread your first post::rtm::slight_smile:

it turns out that there was a mix-up in communication, we would actually prefer if teams could be registered by June 15th if they want to use the UMD housing.

Just under a month left register! We still have some spaces left.

How many teams are currently registered?
(Sorry if this is already posted somewhere, I could not find it.)

We’ve got about 5 teams registered so far.

We have 13 teams registered. This means we have 5 spaces left. Please be registered by June 15th if you want to use the UMD housing. Even if you won’t be using the housing, try to register by then anyways.

2175, 4480, 876, 857, 3102, 3275, 3244, 3883, 3184, 1816, 93, and 2512 are registered. We have space for 5 more teams. Register as soon as possible if you want a space.

I’m happy to see our number in the list. I been and am still waiting to receive my confirmation email so I can pay. Can’t wait to make the trip this summer.