Gitchi Gummi Get-Together 2019

This summer, the Duluth East Daredevils are hosting the Gitchi Gummi Get-Together! From July 19-20, we’ll be putting on a series of workshops, activities, and, of course, the competition.

The event will be taking place on the aforementioned date at Duluth East High School, Duluth, MN. Currently, we have nine teams signed up, and there is a maximum of 24 teams. Sign-ups occur on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up quickly if your team is interested!

Friday will consist of discussions and workshops in the morning, and then regular matches will follow. If your team is interested in a specific workshop topic or would like to host one of these sessions, please contact us at, post a reply in this thread, or PM me.

Competition will be similar to the regular 2019 game, but we have decided to change a few rules. These changes can be found on our website or in a comment to this thread. In addition, at this moment we have each team playing 14 matches.

Aside from the competition and information sessions, we’re also going to host fun activities. These will include the famous Mentor Match, games, team building exercises, and more! After all, we’re not just here for robots, right?

Detailed information and registration can be found on our website.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you there!

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Rule changes:

  • 30 seconds will be added to teleop, putting the total match time at 3 minutes.

  • 5 lbs. will be added to the robot weight limit.

  • G10 will be amended to allow extensions beyond the frame perimeter for 5 seconds on defense. A robot must cross back to its own side or wait 10 seconds before re-extending.

    After 5 seconds of extension, the regular penalties (one foul per second and/or a tech foul if G9 is in violation) will take effect.

    Keep G20 in mind while defending with this change!

  • G13 will be amended to allow incidental contact (i.e. unintentional contact where opponents’ actions are not impeded) with other robots that are fully in their hab zones.

We recommend that all teams have at least three drive team’s worth of students trained and prepared to use the robot controls. We will be publishing a recommended schedule that indicates which matches teams should use their primary or in-season drive team in, to ensure fairness. However, we encourage teams to be fluid, and we do not require strict adherence to this schedule.

Alliance captains can’t pick other alliance captains.

it’s time to gitch!

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This has turned into one of 4607’s favorite events of the year!


Yo, I hope to be there this year. I went in 2017 and it was the bomb

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This event has been one of our two must go to event every year for the past 4 years. We can easily trace back the past successful 4 season for The Granite City Gearheads to our weekend in Duluth competing in First Stronghold.


More rule changes:

  • G9 will only be violated if the second robot’s bumpers fully cross the cargo ship line.

  • The rocket ranking point definition will still require L1, L2, and L3 to be completed, but the levels can be split between the two rockets


Hey everyone! We have a list of last year’s workshops. You guys can look over them, decide if you’d like to see any of them again, or if you want to see a new workshop. Please let us know if you’d like to host a workshop at the Gitch, it would be super helpful!

Strategy/ Scouting
Mentor Round Table

Seminars 30 minutes
Vision Programming
Basic Photoshop
Basic Electronic Systems
Drive Trains
Programming in C++

Workshops 1 hour
Presenting Skills
Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) / CAD

Thanks! Please get back to us!


Is there a team list out for this event?

Yep. Here you go:

1732 - Hilltoppers
1816 - The Green Machine
2169 - KING TeC
2175 - The Fighting Calculators
2177 - The Robettes
2491 - NoMythic
2512 - Duluth East Daredevils
2846 - FireBears
3042 - Cobalt Catalysts
3100 - Lightning Turtles
3102 - Tech-No-Tigers
3130 - The ERRORs
3134 - Accelerators
3244 - Granite City Gear Heads
3275 - Regulators
4009 - Denfeld DNA Robotics
4229 - Magnetech
4607 - CIS
6419 - ICE
6558 - Aluminum Sting
6569 - Gladiators
7021 - TC Robotics
7638 - Northern Exposure Robotics Division
7850 - CARDS

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i think this is the longest team list we’ve had for this event… I’m really looking forward to it!

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Cool to see there are several out of state teams coming up. It is a great event and we are looking forward to it.

Gets home from IRI

“Alright guys time to pack up for the Gitch!”

Gosh this team is insane.


How many alliances do you plan on having in the elimination rounds? There are currently 24 teams signed up so 8 alliances would be possible

Per the official schedule, there are 2 hours allowed for the playoffs. Breaking down the time in an ideal situation:

8 alliance quater finals: 8-12 matches with a 7 minute cycle time = 46-74 minutes
4 alliance semifinals: 4-6 matches with a 7 minute cycle time = 23-37 minutes
2 alliance finals: 2-3 matches with a 13 minute cycle time (includes a field timeout): 26-39 minutes

Include in there planned team timeouts for an extra 6 minutes per alliance (24 minutes total for a 4-team alliance, 48 minutes total for an 8-team alliance).

Also include unexpected delays (such as field repair - I’ve seen issues with this year’s field take 20 minutes to fix at every event I’ve been at!).

If you include all of that, you can expect a 4-alliance playoff structure to take 49-100 minutes, plus unexpected delays. An 8-alliance playoff would bring that up to 95-222 minutes, plus unexpected delays.

Additionally, with only 24 teams present an 8-alliance playoff would have no backup teams. I fully expect there to be a 4-alliance playoff, but it is something that could be clarified on the official agenda :slight_smile:

You’ve got it! We’ll be running four-alliance playoffs at the event.

Sorry about any confusion!





In fairness, that map is tilted.
The MN/WI border as it approaches MI is actually heading slightly South.

Ontonagon, MI is at a latitude of N 46.87 where as Duluth is at a latitude of N 46.81 putting 6569 roughly 5 miles further North than Duluth.


I’m looking for a source of spare parts just in case we need it. We broke our cargo intake arm during some drivers practice (Might of been a mentor) anyhow we had enough 1x2 polycarbonate Versa Chassis tube to make a new arm but if it where to happen again we would be in trouble. The part is 24" long and would only take a few minutes to fab if needed using a step bit and hack saw.

If you are attending this event can you bring a section of tube? Don’t cut it because if we don’t ask you for help then I don’t want you to have a piece that will likely be to short next time you need it.