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Any body know if Github is still providing education discount to First teams? I have been recently asked to re-certify my educational status. While I am registered as a mentor, that is my only educational status. I cannot find any recent mention of GitHub sponsor ship on the First Web site.

I believe you’d count as a teacher there (that’s how Onshape does it at least)

Thanks. I saw that, but is dated 11/2012. I am looking for something current.

If you’re a member of a FIRST robotics club, your mentor can apply for an educator discount so your team can collaborate using GitHub Team, which allows unlimited users and private repositories, for free

You will have to provide photographic proof you’re associated with a school. Using a school-issued email address is also recommend. You’ll have to re-apply for the educational license every year.

Details on applying can be found here

I got the same “time to renew” email.

I tried to apply with the school name as “[school name] - FIRST Robotics Team”, and was rejected today.

The form also requires a photo demonstrating your educational status (e.g. student or employee ID), which… doesn’t really exist for us. I tried a screenshot of our roster, and clearly that didn’t work.

Trying with the same “proof” but with just the school’s name next!

you can get the guthub backpack for free. it gives you pro.

Update- my application with just the school’s name and a screenshot of our team’s roster (where I am listed as the lead/primary contact 1 using the same email address that I used for the application) was approved!


Update- My application was approved using my email address and a screen shot of my name on the FRC roster. Actually painless.

For the nice people at Github. Many thanks for your continued sponsorship for First teams and commitment to STEM education.

I just was accepted using just a roster with my name highlighted and my gmail address. I was also just listed as a normal mentor not a main contact. Seems to be very painless.

Where do you get your team roster? Here

You are in the right place. But you have to be the one of the primary team contacts to see it. Sorry. You can ask one of them to get it for you or maybe write you a short letter on school letter head.

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Can the lead team mentor add me as a team mentor so I will appear on the roster?
I guess this is what @kgzak did?

Yes Either the lead or 2nd mentor sends you an invitation to be a team mentor (or you can apply to a team, but it ends up just being an extra step.) You complete your part and then one of the primary mentors accepts you. Git hub apparently revamped its educational licensing structure last year. I am still trying to figure out how it relates to hosting the team repository.


this is how I did it.

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Thanks guys! Indeed just as you said, ended up signing as a teacher while providing my listing as a mentor in my dashboard, painless indeed :slight_smile:

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