Github troubles

Do any of you have trouble finding feasible code to use on your robot? Do you find GitHub intuitive to use especially for those who don’t have a technical background?

For those who use GitHub and like it, what features do you enjoy the most? For those who don’t like it, why?

I think it is important to have a defined workflow to use Github for SCM well. As a tool to find how others use code I find it invaluable, but somewhat difficult to use.

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  1. GitHub is not synonymous with version control software. If you find GitHub unintuitive, it may just be GitHub, or it may be version control in general. In the former case, switch to another provider. In the latter, it’s simply a matter of reading, learning, and practicing. Git may be complex to learn, but it’s not inherently complicated or confusing, and approaching it like it’s inherently confusing isn’t part of a healthy growth mindset.

  2. If you understand how to use version control software to even a moderate level, it’s obvious that developing software in a team without git or similar software is painful and not optimal. There are so many problems our programming team had this year that could have been fixed with proper git usage.

  3. Getting students to properly adopt Git and GitHub or whatever other VCS is hard. Part of the problem is that students don’t see the point of using git and don’t understand it’s full capabilities. This just takes time and experience. As part of an educational program, you’ll probably have to accept that your usage of Git will be suboptimal, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. On our team we are slowly building up a critical mass of people who understand how to use Git.

In short, I’d recommend using git (or other VCS) for every team. It’s a useful skill to learn. Most importantly, I feel the benefits of Git quickly outweigh the overhead of learning Git for almost every situation.


I agree, it’s been a lifesaver and finding or creating a set of VCS standards is imperative to success. Our VCS has saved us many times and most importantly, enables more student participation.

Getting started is definitely not the easiest thing but once the team has established a system, it makes life so much easier.


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