Give the judges a gift

This year, while at nationals, and even some regionals, I heard one constant complaint from judges.

They’re completely caught up in FIRST, the teams, and especially the high school students, but they rarely get enough time to watch the matches. They see a competition that gets high school studnets riled up about science, and they see these students running back excited from their matches, flabbergasted with how utterly cool their robot worked… but they don’t get to see matches.

This is just an idea I’m shooting out there. Record the matches. Put them on a DVD Friday night. And on Saturday, give these judges a gift. Give them some good watchin’ for their volunteered time.

I’m sure everyone would love to be able to sit down for a day and watch 60 matches of robotics. Lord knows I would.

I think this is a great idea(and I wouldn’t mind a copy of something like that myself).