Give us a Name... you get a shirt


We here on 1083 are in the process of forming the “new” post season event for Central Floida. We all remember how much fun the Robot Rodoe is, and we would like to continue that fun earlier in the year.

We are in search of a name for the event. The winning entry will be chosen on December 31st and will receive a lovely event t-shirt.

Please send all entries to

Thanks and Good luck![/size]*

Where exactly would it be held?? (Town and/or School name?)
And if it were to be a yearly event, would it be held in the same place every year?

It will be held in Orlando, FL at University High School. It will be a yearly event, and it will be at the same place every year. It will be hosted by team 1083, The Emoticons.

What’s the name of the comp. gonna be?

I dont think we know yet so keep coming with the names!!!

So is there an official name yet?

Yes, it’s official:

We will be hosting the “Florida Annual Robotics Tournmanent” in Late May/Early June.

Mark your calendars!

More details to come!

Nice initials… :yikes:

You did notice that right???

I really can’t wait to attend FART!

I think this goes along the lines of why ‘Florida University’ doesn’t exist

But honestly, congratulations on getting your own off-season started… they’re a lot of fun to put together and attend. I wish you luck!

This will actually be our second offseason comp. we hosted the Robot Rodeo this past september. We are very excited its going to be better than the rodeo and that went great!!!

HAHAHAHAHA I remember a few years ago at one of the IRI meetings one of the students from 234 wanted to rename IRI to the “FIRST Annual Robotics Tournament”


you know, there is a Fairfield university

Who, may I ask, reccommended *that *name…creative, no doubt…:wink:

I was just wondering… can I be a part of the FART CREW!!!

If you hold a Lego League tournament with it, would you call that the Little FART? Maybe even have a Small 'Bot Demo (SBD)?

So who won a shirt for the event name?

The shirt for this should definatly have a robot with a cloud of gas coming out the back, with the name inside it…

Can I be on the “Safety” Crew of FART 2004???
Your team can hand out little “Doorknobs” as trophy’s maybe?

That would be stealing part of the name from an excellent event that was in Plymouth, Mass., but…

I thought the competition in Plymouth was Rumble at the Rock.???