Given Tetra Loading Rules At Regionals?

Our robot has the ability to cap with the given tetra during auto, however the tetra must be loaded so that it passes under the arm, and then the arm must be lowered down in order to fit in the box. This CAN be done by hand although it is very difficult (involves moving a sprocket by hand deep in the robot.) We perfer to do this using the tether, and I worked out a system with the head ref at UTC that we were allowed to snag a tetra off the human loader stacks at the very end of the round before us, and quickly load it before moving the robots onto the field.

My question is if anyone has also encountered this problem, and if so, what were the rules for it at your regional?

We have an auto mode that allows us to cap with the starting tetra as well… works every time. We have to back drive a fisher-price motor by pulling up on our arm by hand, but it falls back into place after we set the tetra in. Only one other team at VCU had an automode using the starting tetra, and they just set it on a hook, so they didn’t have to manipulate their robot at all before the match. I dunno about the tethering deal at nationals. At VCU we had more teams than at any other regional, and they were VERY strict about wasting time setting up the robot. I don’t know what otehr regionals and nationals will do about this.

I think you should feel lucky to have been able to do that considering this Q/A:

ID: 1049 Section: 4.3.3 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/11/2005
Q: Will the robot be able to be powerd on before the match to actively grab the alliance tetra (the one that is in the alliance possession in the beginning) before the match?
A: No.

well they prohibited us from doing it on the field but this was loading while they were scoring the match infront of us, the robot was on the cart off to the side of the stage, and we had nothing better to do besides save time.

Well that’s still before your match starts…the rule is pretty clear…I don’t think this should have been allowed, guess you guy’s got away with one (at UCF i didn’t see any teams doing this, I saw all the matches b/c I volunteered).