Glenda Hernandez, TechnoKat student in the news

In today’s Kokomo Tribune, there is a front page story]( about TechnoKat student leader and AndyMark intern Glenda Hernandez.

Glenda was the recipient of the Art Anderson memorial scholarship at this fall’s CAGE Match, and is involved all over the Kokomo community. Her faith, passion, and work ethic is an inspiration to us all and I am proud to be her friend and mentor.

You’ll see Glenda as a TechnoKat student this coming FIRST season at the Boilermaker and Queen City Regionals, and also at the FIRST Championships.

Here’s to Glenda!

Andy Baker

I always look forward to being inspired by the Technokats at FRC events. Looks like Glenda is going to be one to watch carefully.

Here’s to her, indeed!

Although I was not personally involved in the scholarship process, I could not be happier with our choice. Glenda is just scratching the surface of what a wonderful woman she can be.

We, as mentors, receive our greatest reward when our students become role models and give of their time to others in need. You make us very proud. Hope you are enjoying your holiday break and good luck in the future.


When Al talks about the greatest reward for many of our mentors - I’m included in this group. We value efforts like yours and the attitude that you have. I’m so glad that your amazing community has recognized your contributions and I’m equally glad that Andy shared this with all of us.

Well done.


Congratulations Glenda! What exactly is a Cage Match? That sounds violent! Just kidding!

I think it’s an offseason event.

It stands for Cardinal And Goat Exhibition. it got the name because it is ran by 829 the digigoats and 1529 the cybercards.

what it is a fall offseason competition in Indianapolis, meant to be a more relaxed and less ego-intensive offseason than IRI. It is mainly used to train new team members and IMHO a good test of robot durability (this late in the year, robot wear is usaually pretty high).

It is mainly attended by teams who are in or near Indiana.

It is also a lot of fun, for both attending teams and volunteers (but what competition isn’t fun?)

Congrats Glenda! Well earned and definitely deserved.

It is definitely a pleasure being on the same team as Glenda. It is interesting because Glenda has earned honors in our local newspaper and school website…as well as having an entire thread dedicated to her on the almighty Chief Delphi :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations Glenda! This is awesome.