Glenn Lee - 359 2017 WFA


Congrats Glenn! Also great when you guys came to Houston and I just wish you were here this year to accept in person!


Congrats Glenn! In the short time I have known you, it has become apparent that it is well deserved!


Very well deserved. But can some explain to me why it was presented here and not in St. Louis next week?


Congrats Glenn! See you Wednesday


Congrats Glenn. VERY well deserved!


Congrats Glen!


Congratulations Glenn! It was an honor to be able to visit your school. You can see that in everything you and your team do the victory is earned, not given.


Congrats Glenn - well deserved


Congratulations Glenn, you and your team are an inspiration.


Congratulations! Thanks for setting such a great example.

You and your team are always welcome in Houston at any time.



You’re joining an amazing group. I don’t know every WFA winner, but I know a lot of them and they are really something.

From where I sit, the WFA is the best-judged award in all of FIRST. It’s your job now to keep that string alive.

Godspeed to you and all the WFA winners.

Dr. Joe J.


I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award. Congrats Glenn!!!


Congrats Glenn! I can’t think of a more deserving mentor. You are an inspiration to all mentors and students.


As a long time Chief Delphi reader, it is my honor to make my first post to congratulate my long time mentor Glenn Lee. I knew that one day a WFA with your name on it was going to make its way to Waialua, and I am so excited that that day has finally come.

   Ever since I joined team 359 in 2010, "Uncle Glenn" has truly been an inspiration in my life. He and the program he created has personally gave me opportunities that I have never dreamed of coming from a small school on a small island. Being able to compete nationally and succeed internationally has had an infinite impact on me, and I can safely say that I would not be where I am today with out you. I'm glad I have so many great memories of the years of your guidance whether it was working on the robot in the auto shop classroom, strategy planning for eliminations in Houston for the 2012 Lone Star regional, or accompanying me to the Dean's List Summit in Manchester in 2013. 

    I know that all the students that have come through team 359 will agree with my feelings. Mr. Lee has had infinite impact on Waialua High School, the North Shore of Oahu, and the entire state of Hawaii as a robotics coordinator and educator. 

Truly well deserved!

Mahalo and Aloha - Tripp


Congrats Glenn. As an honorary Hoosier that give us four :slight_smile:


I wonder how many other states will claim Glenn as their own :wink:

Well deserved!


Congrats Glenn on winning WFA! You continue to inspire many people and many teams to not mimic you, but to innovate and be creative. I hope to see you and congratulate you next week and congratulate you in person.


Congratulations Glenn, I really cannot think of anyone more deserving. That time we spent eating those awful boxed dinners that first year in STL remain in my memory. Maybe you’ve forgotten, but I have not.


Congrats Glenn! See you soon…


And countries?!

Congratulations, Glenn! So happy for you and the team!