Glenn Lee - 359 2017 WFA


One of the best - and now it is official! Congrats, sir (and team 359)!


Glenn is legit.


Probably for the same reason they present WFFA’s on Friday instead of Saturday - to give maximum time for congratulations and recognition…and to overload his various social media accounts. :wink:


Way to go Glenn!


Per the awards matrix, “WFA will only be presented at one FIRST Championship”.

Team 359 is “zoned” for Houston, but going to St Louis. So my guess is that it was one of the following:

  • Someone saw they were zoned for Houston when making the schedule
  • Glenn has accomplishments in Hawaii so potentially more teams in the “western half” would know him.
  • 359 wait listed for STL and got it after the decision was made to present at Houston
  • Houston is a new champs so they wanted to do it there
  • It will always be done at the first champs.

I hope it isn’t the last reason. I tweeted that it was good Glenn is from Hawaii. What if he was from Israel or Turkey? If the team was at the event, the odds of the WFA being there are high. If they opted for STL, it is the middle of the night back home and the choice is a text storm in the middle of the night or missing it live. (That said, I think they told Glenn earlier in the day. The last year or two, the WFA winners has been downstairs ready to go out to expedite the process.)


HOF teams aren’t zoned. They get to choose which event they go to each year.

Congrats Glenn! I dont know a single person who works as hard as you do for their team and FIRST as a whole. Well deserved for sure.


Congrats Glenn! You are an inspiration to everyone in FIRST!


Congrats to Glenn!

I am curious as to why they announced it at Houston. If anyone knows the answer I’d love to hear it.


Glenn is DEFINITELY an honourary Aussie in our books! Congratulations, definitely long overdue!!!


Congratulations from FRC1296 Glenn! Your award is richly deserved. You helped us out at a Dallas event years ago. It is a fond memory of a gracious and talented fellow. Keep up the good works!


Way to go!


From 5881, Congrats Glenn! It was a pleasure working with you and your team when you were up at Tech Valley last year.


True. I guess I meant “would have been zoned for Houston.”

Blue alliance lists them as Houston 2017 which is what makes me wonder about that possibility (or that they changed their mind.)


359 is in a region where they would normally go to Houston Championship (which is what The Blue Alliance shows), but the Hall of Fame teams determined among themselves which Championship each of them would attend.


Congrats Glen! The few times I have been able to talk to you I have learned more on how to coach robotics on the field than anyone else. Winning with 359 and 16 at the Ozark Mountain Brawl was one of the best accomplishments our frc team had.

Since 359 attended the VEX World championship last week (where they beat rivals/friends 4142 in the quarters) I would guess they were granted the ability to attend St. Louis this week.


I was cheering so loud you probably heard me in NY before you even got the text from Woodie. Congratulations. You are the mentor that many of us aspire to become.

See you Wednesday!


Congrats, Glenn!

This is a wonderful and well-deserved recognition for a beloved mentor. The things I see Glenn do are amazing and unmatched in FIRST. He may be the best I’ve seen at rallying support for his team and FIRST from so many sources. Combine this with his technical skill and mentoring ability, and he is a super hero.

Andy Baker

ps: Let’s keep this thread about Glenn and how awesome he is, and keep the debate about where and when to announce this award in another thread.


This makes me so happy!


Glenn is the best and is very deserving, congratulations!


In 2013, 359 came to (and of course won) the Boilermaker Regional. My team was not competing, but I took my then-five-year-old-son to hang out and watch some robots. We found ourselves sitting by the Hawaiian Kids, and Glenn instantly struck up a conversation. It was pretty apparent he was operating on a completely different plane, but he was still as approachable and easygoing as the neighbor’s collie. Glenn’s Number One Priority was that my son got an official shell necklace.
There is no doubt the Woodie Flowers Award Recipients are amazing, iconic individuals. And there is no doubt at all that Glenn is their peer.