Glitching PWM's Need Help

We are trying to program using EasyC Pro. The problem, although I don’t think it has anything to do with the program is the PWM value is glitching/jumping. Even in the nutral position the value changes as much as 10 points. This can be seen while viewing the dashboard. This is without any one touching the joystick. We have tried two joy sticks and a USB Xbox controller, different ports and the only thing that helps is unplugging the joy stick from the port.


The kit joysticks have very weak springs for returning to center… if you open it up and put stronger ones in it should help with that… as far as the Xbox controller im not sure i have never played with one

This is happening at any range, not just center.

How are you providing power to the OI? If through the tether cable, is your main battery voltage low? Lots of glitchy stuff goes away when you use a well-charged battery.

Yes through Tether but the battery readings where 12.? and 7.5V

Thanks everyone

This shouldn’t change anything, but try going to IFI’s website and downloading the default code and master firmware. That way you should be able to rule out any software problems. But, like I said, it shouldn’t change anything. As far as i know, the dashboard port is connected in hardware to the Tx/Rx pins that send data to/from the robot (changing the jumper changes which one you are connected to).Your OI should be the only thing in the loop for those values.

However… were you looking at the Dashboard screen with data from the OI or data from the RC? Make sure you’re looking at the page that list “Port 1:” and so on in a grid.


Which PWM ports are you using?
13-16 do have twitchy problems.

K-Dawg says they’re using easyC Pro. That doesn’t support pwms 13-16 at all.

Thanks for all the Assistance.
I spoke with IFI and they said there is a problem in the operator interface, so I shipped it to them today and hope it gets back soon.