Global shutter camera for stereo vision

I just saw this:

It is a USB camera that has a global shutter and can take an external trigger. That means, not only no rolling shutter distortion, but you can synchronize 2 cameras for stereo vision processing. All for $160, which is much less than other triggered cameras I have seen.

Has anyone used the cameras from WithRobot (also sold on the ODROID site)? Anyone played with stereo?

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Good find. Thanks for sharing!

For many years now:

More stuff here too:

I believe this is that same camera sensor in a stereo camera:

Or here are some other global shutter stereo cameras:

However all these cameras seem to suffer from lack of software support. OpenCV does have some good code for stereo cameras but it takes a lot of computer power. We’ve been experimenting with the Zed camera and Nvidia Nano this summer and that has been working well.

Saw some version of this camera generically listed on Amazon a couple years back. At the time it seemed a little too good to be true. If anyone has any experience with the camera let me know as I have a couple projects that could benefit from it.

I’d tend to agree on the overhead for using this as a stereo camera. The ZED might be a bit more expensive than two of these. But with it, you don’t need to find a way to reliably mount it, measure how it is mounted, figure out camera intrinsic, code up disparity calculations, get those running on a coprocessor, and so on.

Also, a realsense camera costs about the same as one of these, so even the cost argument is kinda lacking.

On the other hand, if you wanted an array of 5 or 10 of them for some reason…

The trigger for stereo vision is intriguing, but I am actually more curious about the quality because it has a global shutter (the “same” camera without a trigger but still with a global shutter is about $125). If anyone has used any of these, stereo or not, I would love to hear their experiences.

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