Global Thank You!

Now that the regionals are over, I think that it is time that we all publicly thank all of the people who must be absolutely exhausted from the past season. Just think, there are people who have flown around the world just to make sure a specific detail would not become a sore thumb. Don’t even forget about the mentors that have spent time away from their jobs, families, lives, and friends just to make sure that your team was able to compete. There are also all of the people who have come just to talk to you and help inspire you to become someone who you never would have thought of yourself to be. Don’t forget about all of the sponsors who have worked tirelessly to help make FIRST what it is today, or the people who have sponsored FIRST with their volunteering abilities. And last but not least, thank your family, friends, and teachers for allowing you to be a part of this amazing organization. I’m sure they are probably tired about you constantly talking about only one subject (at least mine are :smiley: ). For this reason I have started this thread as a Global “Thank you” to all of those who have helped today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I feel that instead of thanking each little bit individually, we need to thank the entire piece that we call FIRST! So from me, Thank you to my mentors, my teachers, my family, my friends, my sponsors, the game design committee, the board of directors, Dean Kamen, the regional planning committee for all events, the volunteers for all events, the judges for all events, those that have helped without knowing it, my high school, Indiana FIRST and their directors, Indiana Department of Work Force Development, and everyone else that I have forgotten to mention. Without the help of everyone of you working together in one uniform organization, we would not even be where most of us are today!

NO matter how many times you say thank you to your team for all the hard work they put out for working on the robot and making sure it runs, its never to much. FIRST is a program based on volunteering, the students give up their free time from other activities, college students/mentors/teachers/etc. also give up their free time to help teach and help the students grow. Its amazing what six weeks does to a student. I know what it did to me personally. As Schnabel said i would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped the students in FIRST