Globe Motor Coupling

Need some help with a Globe Motor Coupling. Does on need to be made or did we get one? I’ve searched through the kit of parts and can’t figure out anything. Thanks for any help

A coupling for the globe motors must be manufactured. It is not provided in the kit.

Be sure to avoid placing any side or axial loads on the globe motor. They’re very easy to break.

My team is also planning to use the globe motors and needs to obtain a conection. Are these sold anywhere? If we machine them, is there anything that we should do? pay atention to? Would the coupling just fit snugly against the axel (sliding on) or is there a better way to secure it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

We took a chance today and cut threads in the shaft in the hope of using a threaded connector.

Last year, we machined an aluminum coupling and made it a couple thousandths undersize then heated it up with a torch to keep put it one. It never came off after that and did exactly what it was supposed to. For your application, a set screw or two or a pin or maybe nothing at all will work just fine for keeping the coupling from sliding off.

i made a coupling for the globe motors the other day for our winch. i started out with a 3" long peice of 5/8" steel shaft. then i drilled a 1/4" center hole into the shaft for the small round peice that comes out of the globe end. i drilled it on a lathe. then i moved onto our mill. its a manual bridgeport mill. i mounted the peice in the rotary chuck and centered the peice to the chuck using a 1/4" drill bit. i just lined it up so that the 1/4" bit in the chuck went smoothly into the center hole in the peice. then i put a 3/16 end mill in and milled away. i dont remeber how far i went in each direction, sorry. When i was done it fit perfectly. i hope this helps.