Globe motor specs

I am looking at the specs for the globe motors (rulebook G-20) and am confused.

With the “drive assembly” the no load speed is 87 RPM and the stall torque is 150 In-lb (16.95 N-m). The no load speed without the “drive assembly” is just slightly faster (97 RPM) and the stall torque is much much lower (30 oz-in, or 0.212 N-m).

How can a “drive assembly” (which I presume is a gearbox) increase the stall torque so much without significantly changing the no load speed? Or do you think there is a mistake in the rulebook?


I think the reduction is something over 100:1 on the globe so the free motor speed should be much higher than 97 if the output speed through the gearbox is that high, must be typo