Globe Motor Supplier

Does anyone know of a supplier for the Globe motor?

It’s not listed in:

We understand that it’s from the transfer case of the Chevy 4X4. Dealer insists on selling the entire T-fer case @ $480. :frowning:

Thanks in advance,


The Globe Motor is provided by the Globe Motor company, , thier distributors may be unwilling to sell this motor without the transfer-case, but I’m sure if you contact them directly they will be able to help you. Donating 1400 motors doesnt go unnoticed, so I am sure someone will be able to help you from there.


Are you serious? I knew I made the right choice in buying my Ford. I wouldn’t want that little motor shifting my T-case.

useless post. :wink:

If anyone contacts the company and can order JUST the motor, tell us how much it cost. And if there is a minum order, our team might chip in and buy a couple.

Have request in to them. Will try to arrange mass buy, at a huge discount - of course. Will keep you all informed.


We have a few we could trade. They have not changed over the years and we usually use only one so we have several brand new.

Well, we’re rookies - not much inventory to use as trade. How about some Laser Sintered parts (A model of your robot?), or a bit of water jet cutting?

Let’s take it off forum - PM me please.


All FYI - here’s the response I got from Globe Motors:


At the direction of FIRST, the motor in question is only available through
their organization. Please contact FIRST for your request.

If you want to look at similar motors, you could contact our distribution
partner Avnet Electronics
dedicated 800 number for immediate service 1-800-541-4105.


we can send you some of ours we have about 10 just sitting in a cabonet

Thanks, but think Andy Brockway has us covered. HWVR, for your generous offer, please take us up on this: (I will ship)


Globe motors are used to shift Ford automatic transmissions too!

Many thanks to Andy Brockway & Team #716 Norfolk, CT. :smiley: We hope to return the favor and lend a hand to some rookies ourselves some day. {assuming we make it to the show this year == :confused:}