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Posted on 10/26/2000 9:14 AM MST

What are stalling globe motors, and how do they help???

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Posted on 10/26/2000 9:44 AM MST

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What are stalling globe motors, and how do they help???


‘Stalling Globe Motors’ are motors made by Globe Motors Inc. that are stalled (i.e. that have sufficient torque resisting its rotation that it does not turn, eventhough full battery voltage is applied to the motor leads).

Why do they help? Well, they don’t really. Except in this sense, if the coupling is slipping on the shaft before the motor stalls, then in some sense, the mechanism could have provided an additional amount of force, but didn’t.

If you need or want this extra output force, one way to get it is to ensure that the coupling is strong enough to stall the motor.

Last year, this was not possible for the Globe motors, because there was no legal method to clamp onto the Globe motor’s shaft with sufficient force to actually stall it.

This year, we have include the Ruland Rigid Coupling. It IS strong enough (at least on paper and in the one experiment I performed).

This is good new for teams that need an extra umph to steal that rack away from the competition :wink:

Good Luck,

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