Globe Motors

How many Globe motors are allowed on the robot this year (Dont tell us to read the Manual!!!)

Sorry, but “read the manual” is exactly the answer that you should get. At this point in the build season, there is no excuse for anyone to not have at least a good working knowledge of The Manual, and how to find the information contained within it.

The Manual is your friend. Read it. Know it. Use it.

As has been mentioned so many times, a big part of FIRST is about exposing the participants to standards and practices of the professional world. To do this, many of the teams structure themselves and their operations to mimic the organization and procedures of a professional engineering project. The Manual is the “requirements document” for your project. In a professional environment, EVERYONE on a project is required to know the requirements, be conversant with the documentation, and be able to extract information from them. Those skills are critical, and expected. That same skill is important to your team, and directly impacts your ability to make a positive contribution to their efficiency and operations.

To your specific question: check the first item on Page 3 of the Kit Of Parts Checklist in Chapter 10 of The Manual.