Gloworm - a Raspberry Pi based vision tracking module with built-in PSU and 500lm output

The Gloworm is a vision tracking module that we designed around the Raspberry Pi 4 and Camera Module v2.

  • Powered directly off the PDP (built-in Raspberry Pi PSU)
  • Fully dimmable (analog feedback control via PWM, no flickering) ~500 lumen output (6x Cree XP-E2 Green LEDs)
  • Cheap, utilizing off the shelf parts and a 3D printed case (~$120 including RPi 4, camera, PCB, components, fasteners, case)
  • Compact design (100mm x 74mm x 25mm)

Github: GitHub - Pigmice2733/gloworm: Original Gloworm design for an RPi 4


And here’s some video of basic vision testing today with it:


That’s really cool!

Is it possible to incorporate beam shaping features like those described in this thread in a future revision?

Thanks! Yeah, something like that could totally be used in the future (feel free to PR :wink: ). We’re only running our LEDs at 30% brightness right now (that’s what’s pictured, too), and only running them during vision tracking, so we’re hoping it won’t be a problem. If it is, we might need to implement something like that, or modify the existing “focusing” cones, or just turn down the LEDs.

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How did you folks get the PCB manufactured? By the color I’d guess OHS Park - did you use their parts and assembly services as well? Or was all that hand soldered (impressive either way!)


Yep, we used OSHPark. In fact they were kind enough to sponsor us. Assembly was done by hand using an OSHStencils solder stencil and a small electric heater. If enough people were interested in the future, it would be cool to do a small run of PCBs since many teams aren’t capable of doing PCBA (and bulk components would make the price much cheaper).


Color me even further impressed! Always wanted to try this technique out. Glad it worked well!

That being said, use caution about doing small runs of PCB’s and selling them - you may run afoul of vendor rules, unless you have an independent company not associated with 2733.

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Definitely. That being said, establishing an LLC isn’t too difficult. Would then have to look into FCC stuff as well, though (IIRC from looking into it in the past it might not be a big deal since it’s an unintentional emitter designed to run off a battery).


Hi guys, can you provide the cad files in .STP or .STEP?

Sure, why not. Check out the releases page on Github:

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