GM Shipping?

At the kickoff it was said that this yeah GM will be helping with the shipping of robots across the border so my question is, can they help ship parts to teams during build seasons? has just informed our team that they do not ship to Canada anymore due to customs issues or something of that sort. This is after we based our design on some of their parts. I was wondering if GM can help out here?


We’ve had no problem ordering from McMaster-Carr, and having them ship to Canada this season. I just put in an order on Monday at 6:00 pm, and it arrived at the High School on Tuesday at 10:00 am.

are you using a corporate account for this or…? How did you place the order? We spoke to them for 2 days straight and they said they won’t ship to canada due to customs issues

No corporate account, we placed the order online through their website. We’ve placed at least six McMaster orders in the last eight months with no problems having them cross the border.

I can find no such ban on MMC’s website,

As a matter of fact it has this to say,

Some shipping methods may not be available but I can’t see any outright ban on (most) materials. Did you ask about a different shipping method or carrier? You could also try contacting a different MMC distribution center as the person you spoke too could be misinformed. They may not deliver to certain addresses either, especially P.O. boxes but I doubt that’s your problem.

You need to find out exactly what thier problem is: certain parts, shipping method, shipping carrier, address, or miscommunication.

The last ditch effort would be the ‘tried and true’ method that’s worked for thousands of years, carrier pigeons.
UPS and FEDEX just aren’t as messy or crash into glass windows.:stuck_out_tongue:

Carrier pigeons carrying 10lbs of sprockets to a team? I’d like to see that… :rolleyes:

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A five-ounce bird can not carry a ten-pound sprocket!
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What you may want to do in this case is call McMaster directly ((562) 463-4277) and try to get it sorted out that way. Talking to a Live Human Being is awful underrated these days.

We did call them, and they said that they only deal with longterm customers (which explains 1114’s case seeing as they order a lot from them) but otherwise they do not ship to Canada. Karthik, can we put an order through you guys and pick it up?



Not african, but it can if it’s european…

ahem. McMaster not shipping to Canada just does not sound right, it’s literally unbelieveable.

On the other hand, all of what McMaster sells is available elsewhere, if you look diligently enough. Sometimes right in your own town.


I created a new account on Monday to put the latest order through, so I doubt it’s a case of us being a longtime customer. This sounds reall bizarre.

Send me an email, and we’ll be glad to help you out. (kkanagas at gmail dot com)

We have ordered a lot from them this year, at least 4 different packages in the last week. Using express shipping every time it gets here within a day or so, we have had no problems. If you would like I could get you in touch with our mentor who handles all our ordering. But I don’t think we are doing anything special… It seems to just work for us, no ordering problems this season.


Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, due to the ever increasing complexity of United States export regulations, McMaster-Carr can only process orders from a few long-established customers in Canada. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this causes you.

Please be assured that your credit card has not been charged.
Kelli Davis
McMaster-Carr Supply Company

This is the e-mail we got after placing the order. We called them afterwards saying who we are and what the order is for and got the same answer