GM/Technion Israel Regional

Today was the first day of the Israeli regional, which was used for inspections and practice rounds.

Some facts about the regionals:

The Israeli regional is the only regional competition out of north America.
Israel is the country with the most FRC competing teams outside of north America.

This is the second regional held in Israel (the first “full” regional with more then 24 teams)

26 teams competing:
12 veteran teams
14 Rookie teams
3 teams eligible for attending the Atlanta championship
(Rookie All-star, Chairman’s award and Head of winning alliance.)

I was very surprised to see really good robots today. There are some pretty cool and innovative designs (I will post pictures of them tomorrow).

Videos of the regional will be available on line (don’t know where they will be uploaded yet)

Here are some pictures of the pits and field. At the end of the event I will upload pictures of the robots, games etc.


That’s really sweet.

Hopefully as FIRST expands, there will be more regionals outside of North America. Maybe Europe?

“Head of winning alliance”??? Isn’t the entire winning alliance eligible to attend the Championships in Atlanta? Please don’t tell us that there was some restriction on the number of teams that would qualify based on the size of the event, or something like that. The Pittsburg regional only had 25 teams, and all three winning alliance team members qualify from that event.


It looks just like any other regional I have been to. Are you sure it’s in Israel? Just joking, I hope you guys have a wonderful time competing. Watch out for flying balls!

Yeah it’s kind of sad seeing as the other two teams in that allaince worked hard too. maybe its the money?


there has been an update in the last moment, and the entire winning alliance is eligible for the championship. this was done at the last moment so there was really a shift in the strategy.

the catch really was the money, the deal is that now that the ALLIANCE goes and not just one team, all three teams must work together to secure a donation and help with the fundraising.

if they had not done this, there would be no reason for top teams (top 8 seated) to get in an alliance together cause let’s say number 1 goes with number 2 and they win, only number 1 got the ticket to the championship…


Well, it was a great competition.

My team, Neat-Team is a rookie team, and together with 2 more rookie teams we finished 2nd place.

Meanwhile you can watch the collected videos & images at

Cya next year :smiley:

My team HaMosad Robotics #1657 had a huge success this year at the Israel Regional. We were the head of the winning Alliance. We won the The Chairman’s Award and the Best Website award. We had a record of 16 wins and 0 loses or ties.

I would also like to congratulate our alliance members, Misgav and Bet Yerah, and the Rookie All-Stars Tel Nof and Raanana for winning the engineering inspiration award.

I am the captain of team 1574 and we join team 1657 only after we know the all three times in the alliance go to champion so we go also this year

Good job you guys. As in Israeli living in California, I gotta say I’m really proud of more schools and students picking up FIRST. A big congrats goes from me to my friends with team NEAT from Rosh Ha’ayin, rookies that were finalists in their first year.