Gmail Accident


[17:03:52] Yan: so you want to hear the funniest story in the world?
[17:05:11] Yan: my friend Nick Elser sent me the gmail invite
[17:05:22] Yan: and i was bored looking for sns for me that were already taken
[17:05:25] Yan: so i was talking to him
[17:05:32] Yan: and checked to see if ‘nickelser’ was taken or not
[17:05:37] Yan: and i hit ENTER by accident
[17:05:43] Yan: after already filling out all my info
[17:05:48] Yan: so now i am [email protected]
[17:05:54] Yan: and will have to wait till i get more invites to invite myself
[17:06:02] Yan: but at least i have [email protected] as my main acct
[17:10:52] Brandon Martus: haha
[17:11:02] Yan: mehhhhh
[17:11:09] Yan: at least i have a gmail acct to play around with
[17:11:18] Brandon Martus: yeah

hehehe… man, you sill man…

If I had more invites I’d send you one, but oh well, just drop me a line at josephmatt at if you want to chat about gmail… or you can wait till you get invites, invite yourself, and get the account you want! :smiley:

Wow. Great job, Yan. That’s something that I would do…

But I just got invites today (woah that was freaking quick) so my error is solved. I only had to spend 2 days with that acct :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. If I got a gmail invite, I’d sell it on ebay. $40. Stupid webmail…

Not anymore. Almost everyone now has invites, so there are over 2500 listings on ebay, with most not even breaking $1 as the selling price.

Any way you could push a gmail invite my way?


I’m actually watching ebay waiting for a cheapy for under a $1 to come through.
^really wants gmail :smiley:

I’ll put you on the list of people who want them from me. The list is a bit long… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you guys tried out It’s by no means “GMAIL”, but it works. If you run it through a program like Outlook or Thunderbird it’s perfect. It also seems to be very spam free. A spymac account comes with…

“1 GB e-mail account, 350 MB combined storage, personal blog, forum, gallery, auctions and more.”

Who ever has a waiting list going, sign me up!

hehe… ebay rocks…

hit me up… [email protected]

I can’t believe that ‘yanwang’ and ‘’ were both taken. It’d seem like ‘nickelser’ or ‘ashleyweed’ would be more common. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who here has a .5tb email account? raises hand Oh man, I love running my own server :slight_smile: My favorite thing is that the server doesn’t even need 100% uptime. Most MX servers will try to resend mail for a week or so if it can’t get through.

I climbed on the orkut boat pretty early on… I don’t think I’ll even bother with gmail. (Although it would have been nice to have had a larger ISP mailbox looks at the $32 overdraft charge for forgetting to delete mail of the server) It would take years upon years for me to get even 500mb of email. Remove spam from that and I’d never reach the limit. Neat idea for people who’d actually use it, though. (Email for me is pretty much non-existant outside of spam, 3 email lists, website subscriptions, ebay… all my communication is done via IRC, AIM or my blog. i<3blogs)

ok… well if u checked the thread on gmail invites i just posted another 16 links

Goto, register, play, win. Since they have such a large resevoir of invites (7000?) you are physically guaranteed to win an invite. You only need to roll 1, 6. I had to roll 3 :(. Its free to play and register, so go there, and get gmailed.

since i’ve lost track of the gmail invite thread and who has and doesn’t have one, PM me if you want one, i have 50
i need first name, last name & e-mail

I also have 50 gmail invites left so feel free to pm me! please!

The Gmail Invite thread is here: