GMod Robotics Simulator

Yup, rumored and little known GMod robot simulation. This is sorta been my little child project for quite some time now.

Currently it runs on the Source Engine, which is powered by the Havok Physics Engine.
I chose to use the Source Engine because:

  • Realistic Friction
  • Mass, and Weight Physics
  • Multiplayer Support (Networked Matches)
  • Lua Powered (More of Gmod, not the Source Engine)
  • Highly Editable
  • Generally Awesome

The simulation runs on a custom map, built with Hammer of the Source SDK (you can get the SDK free by buying any Source Game off of Steam). The robot is then controlled with a joystick.

To run it, you will need Garry’s Mod 10, from the Steam Service.
Then you will need to download This. Put it in your Gmod folder.

First, make sure that your joystick is assigned to numpad values.
Within Garry’s Mod, attach repulsors to the bottom of your bot.
Then, attach thrusters to the sides (make sure they correspond to the joystick numpad #'s).
You will want to fine tune the thrusters and weight of the robot to make it work correctly.

This is just sort-of an outline of how to make this work, so expect this to be updated.

Pics (lol there is only 2):

Fill free to post info or stuff. Group effort huzzah!

Cool… and Freakishly similar to the one I made (though different games).

See This Thread for that game.

I see you found a solution to the lack of blue indicator light models in Gmod, what did you use for it?

What scale are you using for the map elements?

You might want to link people to the repulser as it doesn’t come with Gmod (alternatively you could always use hoverballs or PHX wheels).

Looks very nice, maybe we should work together. :rolleyes:

Must say that I’ve been doing this for a year or two now and it is addicting. Believe it or not, it actually does serve as a decent mechanical simulation.

includes multiplayer? :smiley:

Multiplayer Support (Networked Matches)

Does that still mean I can play on internet?

Typically, yes, if the other players also have the files necessary. :wink:


Some good use for the FIRST team/clan that’s on Steam!

Any chance we can see robot models in the GMod?


As these simulation threads pop up I am trying to keep track of them and supply us all a road map of URLs that will let us pool our talents when/if we ever want to do that. Here is my list so far:

PS: I love the sweet graphics in Foda’s and CBale2000’s still images.

Will this run in GMod 9, by chance? I am yet to spring the 10 bucks for GM10…

Same boat here, however, with the possibility of adding out bot into it, I may just pay that 10 bucks.

Just to comment, I was in the same boat as you guys with the upgrade to 10, but I tell ya, it was the best $10 I’ve ever spent, gmod 10 is worth more than the entire Half Life game series combined in my opinion.

Generally, maps will work with older versions of gmod depending on what is in them, if they contain Half Life EP2 content in them, then they won’t. New LUA code will not work at all in any older versions of gmod. :wink:

The file I have in the first post has the repulsor STOOL packaged in it.

The map is in a 1:1 scale (1 Hammer Unit == 1 Inch).

And the lights are default models, but combined with a light_spot and point_spot entity (with a blue color). This makes the model to appear blue.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone has their robot modeled in Autodesk’s Maya or in 3DS Max fill free to tell me; I can tell you how to compile it for Gmod/Hl2.

Hey, newbie questions, as I have never done anything with the source engine or garry’s mod:

  1. Do I put it in the first or second garry’s mod folder? As in, is it in
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*steam name*\garrysmod\ or
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*steam name*\garrysmod\garrysmod ?

  2. How do I actually run it? Do I start garry’s mod and then somehow select it from there, or what?


  1. Use the second one - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*steam name*\garrysmod\garrysmod

  2. It’s been a while but if I recall correctly, once you put the files in their places, just load up the game, go to single player, select the map from the list, then play it (no gamemode settings needed). :wink:

On another note, I’d totally had forgotten about this thread and the project until now. Cool to see it come up again

Did you ever end up finishing it? I would love to see / try out the final product.

I finished it as far as the mapping went but never got to do any scripting to make the robots perform realistically like I would have wanted to (you can still use Gmod tools to build a makeshift robot however).

I actually redid part of the layout of the map more recently (made it square instead of rounded like most sports arenas) and it significantly reduced the lag in the map. There are still a few things I would like to tweak on it before making an actual “release” though… perhaps something I could do in the next few weeks (yay for Christmas Break!) :slight_smile:

Yes it is cool to see it come up again.

The 5th Gear project is continuing too - It would be interesting to see if we can create a bridge between the two approaches sometime in the future.

In 5th Gear this year, one thing we are experimenting with is the possiblity of saving robot models in the Collada format and then transforming the result into the FBX format that 5th Gear’s XNA uses.

Is there a simple (simple enough) path from/to Collada to/from the formats the GMod tools use? Collada is supposed to make sharing models easy(easier). Anyone know if it actually does in this (Garry’s Mod) context?


After reading up a little on the Collada website (cause I had NO IDEA what it was) :rolleyes: It seems like the format is compatible with both 3DsMax and XSI, both of which can be used to create or import things to Source-Based games (Garry’s Mod). I also know there are tools that allow conversion from Source-Based content into formats that 3DsMax and XSI can use as well.

So I would guess that, in one way or another, something like this could be done, though it might require going through a couple of programs to make it work.

Neat idea! :slight_smile: