GMS-Teams Android Scouting App New 2015

I recognize this app has been mentioned in other threads. However, I thought it warranted its on thread. The app is available at and via the Google Apps Store. It is simple and straight forward and well documented. For scouting you only need to worry about the information specific to the teams component of GMS.

Do not get caught up in installing GMS on the laptop; it is not needed needed to perform scouting. Once you figure out how easy the tablets are to use you can then look at the PC for merging data and exporting to an excel file. You could use the app as is our customize the information gathered. Instructions on creating your own rubrics are in the documentation. The App now supports Blue Tooth sharing between the devices or Android Beam.

You technically only need access to the Internet the night before to get the latest match schedule. The app configuration fetches the events and team data from the First site. We our still running it through its paces but I am impressed thus far. I would like to think Rajaram Pejaver for taking the initiative to expand the functionality of his Game Management System to incorporate scouting. I believe he has multiple team affiliations. I noticed he was a key volunteer for #341 Miss Daisy’s off season event Ramp Riot.

Last year we used 6 laptops and an access database. Looking forward to this year more than last because of the potential of this program. :smiley:

The Team app is almost done with Beta testing. Thanks for all for your comments and suggestions. The app now supports Bluetooth (besides Android Beam.) Pls let me know if you would like to be part of the Beta test, all you need is an Android tablet or phone.