Go Kart from FRC parts

We are students at a technical high school, and during both class time and team meetings we have built a rough go kart. We tried our best to use as many FRC resources as possible to get more practice with them. Everything we used except for the suspension pieces were found in our room or purchased from AndyMark. We used four CIM Motors into a dual speed gearbox for power, and a wheel and pedal set for control. We learned a lot and highly recommend a project like this to anyone up for it. Questions and feedback are encouraged. :slight_smile:


Really cool/fun looking project. I know there were definitely a good number of students my senior year wanting to make something similar. Never happened though due to a number of liability and safety concerns.

This also seems like a good way for engaging with students during the preseason (ie, it’s fun!) and teaching them about the various COTS parts and FRC electrical systems.

One thing I’ll mention here, while it isn’t clear if you’re driving or not in the photos, I would seriously recommend getting a helmet on whoever is driving and ensuring there isn’t anyone in the area that can possibly get hit with this. It’s not clear how fast this machine can move, but my guess is it isn’t exactly slow. I’m certain the intensions with this machine/build are all quite genuine, but it does pose the risk of seriously injuring the driver and/or bystanders if proper safety measures aren’t followed.


Feedback: Build one with these

In all seriousness, looks pretty nifty. Certainly be careful, running this thing, although using only 3 CIM motors is probably isn’t that fast. A helmet and a good estop probably isn’t a bad plan.


Looks like someone’s doing Baja SAE in college :slightly_smiling_face:.


there’s always nasa’s swerve car…

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Oh I know. That thing looks EXTREMELY fun to drive.


Great idea…but try for prettier next time.

In the rear photo, the 1" square tube at the back looks like it’s bending severely under the weight. You may want to go with 2" tall by 1" deep for that section.

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Looks like you’re well on your way to being ready for the Power Racing Series!


Cool Project!
Just curious, why andymark over other cots resources like vex/wcp?
Would be interesting if you ran brushless motors, the current drive train doesn’t feel too sturdy and underpowered, I could be completely wrong though.
Seems like a fun project, though a lot could be cleaned up/designed in cad before making everything.
diffy swerve?


Thanks. We have limited experience in code, and we wanted to start off simple with brushed motors and talons. Also we found what we needed at AndyMark, so no real need to use the other sites. :+1:

Really cool. You should look into CTRE HERO board. We started using them for old robot refurbs. Removes need for a laptop to drive it. Although not all USB input devices work with it.

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Thanks, we’ll definitely look into that for the future.

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