Go Moe!!

You guys are awesome! Your robot is a role model for all stacking bots. Go stacking bots!!:slight_smile:

Hope to see you guys at Nationals.

Happen to know a match where they stacked so that I can see it in action?

In the finals at the Chesapeake Regional. They stacked almost every match (most successful). Don’t remember an exact match number though.

I’ve been watching the finals… havn’t seen a stack by them yet. I assume you mean the Quarter’s or Semi’s… i’ll check it out later

GO MOE 365!!!



In the quarters I think they built a stack of 6, then lost it at the last second, won the round 69 - 68 if i recall right. They’ve got probably the simplest method of righting boxes i’ve seen yet, and probably one of the smoothest stackers, too bad for the high CG. The webcast was pretty grainy though, when anyone from MOE gets back, how about loading a few good videos of the stacker in action?

u guys got an amazing stacking robot
i hope my team quailfies for nationals so we can compete with u.
too bad u couldnt pull it out in the finals:(

MOE stacked a stack of 4 durring the elim match and it stayed. Everyone went BESERK!

Every Miracle Worker appreciates your support. Thanks for the confidence in our stacking ability.

Everyone went beserk with that stack of four because it was knocked at the last second and stayed up. I went ballistic too. That was an amazing match.

We stacked during most of our later matches. I’ll dig through our camcorders and see what I can turn up, but I can’t promise anything.

Yea…we unfortunately didn’t get all of the kinks worked out of our stacker untill the late QP matches, but it showed in the finals.

However, we did show it could be done. We made it to the finals at the Chesapeake Regional not by playing KOH or knocking over stacks, we stacked ourselves. You don’t have to make a huge 20 bin high stack for it to matter, you only need a few and a solid base score. Don’t give up on stacking people, just tweak your machines, go out there and give it a shot. One of the most puzzling things that I’ve seen is how teams who spend six weeks putting so much time into a robot, and they’re willing to rip off a major component without trying it- based on what someone said on these forums.

First, I want to thank the guys at the Naval Academy, it was awesome.

As for the compliments, thanks so much, its nice that after six weeks of being completely in the dark on how your stacking robot is going to work in a real competition to actually see it go out there and put one bin on top of another, and to get recognized for it just tops it off. Thanks so much

As for our accomplishments, our stacking abilities have been something that was greatly recognized as our team’s accomplishment, but I’d have to give some shout outs to other sub-teams accomplishments. First and foremost our autonomous team really pulled it off for us. Our program ran smoothly and got us up there which gave us the chance to get over and stack some boxes and have a good base score. Our wing team (B^4 for those fellow moe guys and girls) did an outstanding job at keeping those fiberglass rods up and operational after the matches, and really putting in a good design that kept us through our goals.

Our competition team did an awesome job at keeping their cool through the rounds, no matter how bad it looked and coming through for the team in the second match. The pit crew was awesome, and beings our robot had never been out there with other robots before, was able to think on their toes and find solutions for kinks in our plans. Thanks to the engineers and adults on the team, you guys gave us support that helped us all the way through and we pulled off something that didn’t look as though it could happen.

Thanks to our partners throughout the rounds, you guys kept us alive when it didn’t look like we would make it. Delphi Demons and Big Mo are awesome, you guys rock and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Alright, I’m falling asleep here, I’m gonna continue this post tomorrow, cause I can’t remember the ride home, and supposedly I drove :rolleyes: . Joe3 or anyone else who wishes to add to my post, go for it.

I want to thank Big MO for picking us to be their partners. And Delphi demons were a really great team. I would really like to say how proud I am of our comp team they were incredible under the pressure and our driver Dan-o was amazing he pulled off some moves that i never knew a robot could do(balance on a wheel with the rest hanging in the air)our arm driver,coco, did a great job with deploying our arms to increase our score by pushing boxes. Our human player,Emily, also did a great job, she got back under the 10 seconds every time. The pit crew had almost everything fixed between every match. i also want to give props to all the teams that were there every one was great and professional. Also team 1184 should get a hand because they never gave up and they gave it their all no matter how bad things seemed to be. I cant think of anything else to say cause I’m still shook up from driving home with Carlo sleeping behind the wheel…

Team 365!!!

I saw you guys in action this weekend and i have to say, in my opinion, the best stackin bot i have ever seen. You kept me on my feet and made these matches interesting. Good luck to you guys in the future

This was undoubtedly the most exciting Regional I’ve ever been to.

Truly some great robots made it into the elimination rounds, since we saw many spectacular events occur that greatly affected the outcomes of each match.

Getting to the finals was not an easy task!

We always seemed to lose our first match, but then came surging back in our second match. I dont know if that has happened at any other regional so far, where a team loses the first one and comes back to win.

When we were going against Alliance #2, in the second match we almost got on top of the ramp, due to EXCELLENT driving on Dan-o’s part.

In the Semi-Finals, we lost the first match again, and in the second match, Dan-O and I built a stack of 4 and then released it with 15 seconds to go. Our opponant, seeing that it was crutial to us tried to knock it down. With 5 seconds remaining he finally reached it as we pulled up onto the ramp. At 2 seconds the boxes were spinning and sliding on each other. At the sound of the buzzer, the boxes settled on eachother to create a beautiful stack of 4.

And the celebration began.

In the finals we just hit a wall of bad luck, when our robot was tipped over in both matches.

I hope we do as well at our other competitions as we did here.

Videos? Did someone say videos!? I’m working on a new one and look towards our web site for my newest video GeroniMOE Revealed! Kyle is supposed to upload it sometime this week. Also, I’ll be slapping together a nice video of the high and low points of our matches from Chesapeake sometime… as soon as I get all of the footage from all of the cameras we had set up recording. I just got another hard drive (120GB) for raw footage… this new video is gonna rock! Next live apperance for GeroniMOE is at the Philadelphia Alliance Regional! Good luck in your future competitions!

My name has been mentioned in this forum a few teams and I would like to get some things straight.

This team’s miracles started about 8 weeks ago when MOE began to be thought up and built. We were able to think of almost everything in the creation of GeroniMOE and how to do what we wanted to. It’s a really great bot, and The driver can only do what the bot can do, and the Miracle Workerz put together an awesome bot…

At the competition, our scouts had so much information on teams, strategizing was effortless.(That doesn’t mean our plans worked every time). After the practice rounds, the Pit Crew did an amazing job fixing what I broke and improving features that didn’t work. Also, the pit crew was amazingly fast at the competition fixing the robot between matches, Even though I was yelling(Whispering) that we were on our 4th call to be in the que. (We have a bunch of parts that have to be replaced/fixed between every match). Major props go out to the pit crew…

Thanks go out to Cocoa, Emily, and Jake. Cocoa drives arms, wings, and all of our other cool features except for the chasis. Cocoa is great and very easy to communicate with. Emily is the best human player around. Our robot never was disabled, nor got a single red flag throughout the entire competition. Also, Thanks Jake for the frantic strategizing advice when our robot can no longer stack since I ran into a wall. You helped to calm me down during matches…

Thank you to Joe, John, Jake, and Lou for helping me to keep a level head between matches. It helped a lot to hear that it’s okay to lose…

Most of all, I would like to thank my entire team for their team spirit and attitude. To tell you the truth, I was really disappointed with myself for having flipped the bot (losing us the match). I walked around to the que area with my head down. When I got there, I saw a sea of green, making an arch for the competition team to go under. There was nothing but great spirits after a disappointing match. This is my first year on the team, and I almost shed a few tears when I saw the attitude of my teammates. Thanks guys, it means a lot to me.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank teams 314 and 858 for being great alliance partners. We all worked great together, and I fell we had the most laid back alliance. I hope to repeat the MO(E) alliance some day. That was really cool. Thanks everyone.