Go-Pro during match?

I can see older posts about being able to use Go-Pros during the match and I was wondering if it is still fine or if any rules have been changed regarding this.

We put a go-pro on our bot for a match in week 2. Seemed fine, no one told us not to and the go-pro didn’t get damaged.

We have a go pro on the robot and on our driver.

As long as the wifi is turned off you should be fine. It’s a good idea to clear it with your FTA.


2023 FRC Indiana Princeton event week2 qualification match 36 - YouTube

As the Go-Pro is not an actuator, and is not one of the core control system components listed at the beginning of R710, it is a custom circuit. It must comply with R614, no more than 24V and other general robot rules. Examples: It must start inside the frame perimeter; R601+R602, powered by the robot battery, a suitable USB power pack, or COTS internal battery; R707, not generate wireless signals; etc.


Yep! Here’s 6045’s Go Pro Footage!

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  1. If you add it after initial inspection, get reinspected.
  2. Be familiar with how to show the RI that the wifi is off
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