Go-Pro on Robot

Quick question that maybe y’all can help with, I feel like I should know this answer but I dont. I have looked in the rules and either didn’t see it or missed it and didn’t see anything on here about it,
But what is the rules on having a go-pro on the robot recording during matches? I feel it can be a great tool after matches to go back and review from a robot perspective of how the drivers did and where they can improve, and for footage to use after regionals to show at events. It would not be connected to the dashboard at all and only to record matches. Thanks for any input and good luck to all teams over the next few weeks.

Totally legal. We did it last year and it was pretty cool to see what went wrong and stuff like that. Have fun with it! :smiley:

Just remember it is part of your robot and thus needs to be weighed with it.

Legal and quite fun. We put a small Sony camera on the robot last year (better quality than the gopro, but still protected). This year we used a Nvidia Jetson with a webcam that was part of our autonomous to record video, although it only did about 10fps on average. Go for it, and post some footage for us.

You can also mount a ip network camera, or a rasberry pi with a camera module. I am not sure how much weight matters in your competitions, but if it doesn’t then a ip camera is the best choice. I work for a company that is doing outreach to robotics clubs and providing cameras. If you are interested PM me and I will see what I can do.

We have 2 mounted on our robot this year. Works great for year end wrap up video footage or to show to potential sponsors or at our school’s Board Of Ed. meetings.

It’s definitely legal, we’ve used them since Ultimate Ascent. It can both be helpful and entertaining to see what you can with it. It was especially fun with Ultimate Ascent since our robot, Mater, was a dedicated climber robot.

Here’s a video from our last match at GKC Regional using our GoPro. We lost this match, but I’m so proud of this robot and it’s exciting to watch the climb go well every time: [x]](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1x5KnLVpD8)

I know this isn’t part of the rules yet, but it might be interesting to see if FIRST HQ would be willing to let teams put gopros on their robot for promotional purposes? I know 1712 used camera footage from last year’s robot to make a video recently.

What? Read the other posts.

I meant not included in the robot weight. Vaguely like unbagging a robot for promotional purposes. Sorry I didn’t mention that.

Its .2 lbs for the camera, protective casing, and a tripod mount (which accepts 1/4-20 bolts). I dont think an exceptions should be necessary.

One thing to remember for the newer GoPro models is that the WiFi capabilities should be turned off; FIRST has rules against creating wireless networks at competitions.

Otherwise, having a camera on the robot is perfectly fine. We were not able to have one at competition this week before we were right at the weight limit, but we have used GoPros on our robot for every competition for the last few years with no issues.

How do we connect it or programming for it?

The gopro can stream from its mini-hdmi output, which could be brought into a computer that way. Probably not a great camera for vision processing though, for interface reasons as well as its fisheye distortion

To sum up and add to the understanding…
Go-Pro or any other recording camera can be used on the robot provided it does meet all other rules. That is to say, it must be weighed with the robot, it must be securely mounted (tape is not a fastener) so it won’t fly off and damage other robots or personnel. Video can be used for promotional material for the team, but it may not be used to raise questions about ref calls or to attempt to influence decisions made on the field. It may contain a battery or be powered from the robot and it must not have wireless communications. If wireless can not be turned off, it will not pass inspection.
Yes, it can make some really interesting video. Be sure to select a zoom that won’t be so close up that any movement will make your viewers nauseous. nothing kills a good vibe faster than bio-hazard spills in the viewing room.

We’ve used GoPros on our robot for promotional videos and robot performance review after matches, it really comes in handy!

Here’s an example of a match from a couple years ago: