goal plastic help

I’ve been looking for the manufacture of the red and blue plastic that surrounds the goals, unfortunately it would seem that that information is very difficult to find. If i could have some help finding a lead then that would be much apreciated

Not sure if it’s there but the field drawings should specify the material. Why do you need the exact plastic? It would not make a good vision target.

The faces of the goals are made of colored HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE is available at most commercial plastics suppliers, and McMaster Carr, I think (though a local plastics supplier can beat the price). Colored HDPE is difficult to find unless you want to purchase 50 sheets, then your local commercial plastics supplier can probably get it for you.

Since the color is not as important as the presence of the reflective tape, I wouldn’t be so concerned about getting the colored stock. In fact, for most purposes, you can get by nicely with plywood painted red and blue–that’s what we plan to use for the Peachtree Regional’s scrimmage and practice field, also for our GRITS meet.

There are other colored plastics which would work well. Look for that corrugated plastic they use for the backing on signs. It is cheap and should stand up well against frisbees, though less well around the one-point goals where robots will be hitting it.

If you REALLY want colored HDPE, do a search for it and get you pocket book warmed up!

Dr. Bob
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