Goal Positions?

How far apart are all the goals when they are laid out on the field?


The distance between the each goal is 32 in.
The distance between both outside goals and the wall is 40 in.
The distance between the edge of the goal and the closest zone maker is 2 ft

EDIT: The 8in should be 2ft :smiley:

you rock, thanks!

there are 32 inches from goal to goal
and from the goal to the edge of the arena there is 40 inches.

      ___         ____         ____
     /   \       /    \       /    \

<–40"–>| |<-32"->| |<-32"->| |<–40"–>
_/ __/ ____/

hope this helps


sorry the drawing looked right when I did it. I hope it still helped for a better picture go to page 2 under the game subsection of the manul


Something to considered. The soccer ball is approx. 8.5" in diameter. That makes the outside dimension 31.5 ". It’s going to be a tight fit for robots to get to the other side.
Can you imagine what the game would be like if the robot scoring zone was the same as last year :eek: Now THAT would be an interesting game.

Wayne Doenges

also, remember that the refs may not be pulling out their tape measures and making sure that the goals are exactly so far apart. i imagine that they will just be approximately spaced.