Goal sensors

Let’s say (hypothetically) we build a robot that shoots 10 balls in half a second, and they all go through the center goal. Will the sensors in the goal catch all of them, or is there a delay?

center goal has sensors that read the balls as they “exit” the goal through the shute…so the sensor shouldn’t have a problem reading them all(as long as the balls didn’t get stuck)

same question towards the corner goals, seems to me that if I pour 20 balls alltoghether inside the goal the sensors COULD miss a few,

To me the likelihood of getting 20 balls through those corner goals quickly enough to mess around with the cameras is small. The camera systems were tested by the GDC before being implemented and since it is a camera system and not something like a break beam system, that just makes the likelihood even smaller. If I remember correctly only about 6 could fit through the opening at any one time anyways, and that is if they were perfectly aligned to go through. I would be more worried about the center goals jamming then the corner counter systems missing a ball.

These issues have been discussed at length in other CD threads as well as the FIRST Q/A. Please search and you will find them. Here’s a few…