Goal Storage Idea

Are you running low on storage facilities??? Try our configuration to store the goals when not being used.

Goal Storage

Not bad…this kinda reminds me of our “top 10 things to do with the goals AFTER the competition season” list that we were kicking around today…

Lovely ^^, but may I suggest, just leaving it out? It makes a great place to sleep when your at school working in the middle of the night. ^.^ lol

We usally just throw the pipes on the floor and I keep falling on them. Wll make them be stored that way next time.

Once all is done, I think our goal will make a nice coat rack in one of our computer classes at school.

What ARE people going to do with their goals after the season is over?

Break the goal down. Base becomes a cart. Center pipe comes out and is now the barrel of a big potato cannon. The rest of the pipes and a spare motor goes into a gatling-gun configuration for new potatos.

Portable barbaque cooker. Use the center tube as a hub for rotissery.
Primitive wheel.
And for something completely different…

We test the strenght of Sparky 3.0, so we put two people on the goals and they held on as we hit the goal with full force. Two things can come out of that…
1.) A ride where everyone loads on a goal and gets pulled around
2.) A funky looking go-go cage WITH stripper bar! Who-ho!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think I will take out the middle pipe out and put in a chair. Tether in and ride around school.

We are going to lock our most annoying freahmen in the middle.

My team happens to be full of pyros.
Seal the bottoms of the pipes. Flammable liquids.
Nuff said.