Goal Zone Duration

My team is thinking about a defensive bot. Our only question is; how long can we stay and camp in front of their goal zone? I do not see anything in the rules against it at first glance, any rules come to mind, you guys?

Entering the zone: 0:00. (Exception: pushed in.)
Not entering the zone: 2:00, minus time needed to get from your scoring half of the field to your feeding side of the field. More than 2:00 means you’re in the next match too… or you crossed the center line in auto mode.

There is no rule against defending other teams outside of their safety zones, as long as it’s not brutal or pinning, so sounds like you guys are clear!

I would advise against deciding to build a purely defensive robot… generally you should be able to add a minibot or simple bottom-level scorer to your robot’s ability without compromising defensive capability. If you find in the last week (or at the competition!) that you really can’t score points effectively, be glad that you built your robot around those defensive capabilities.

Sorry if I misinterpreted your thoughts about a defensive robot!

If your going to do defense, please consider more then simply pushing. Put some thought and strategy into other ways to play good defense. You’d be amazed what you can come up with.