Goalie zone confusion

We are trying to understand if we can score a goal by going to the target goal and extending an arm that will directly push the ball inside the goal. Can we enter the opponent’s goalie zone and extend ourselves. Thank you.


If a ROBOT is not in contact with the carpet in its GOALIE ZONE, its height (as defined in relation to the FIELD) must not exceed 5 ft.

Violation: FOUL. If continuous or repeated violations, TECHNICAL FOUL.

No, a robot can only extend beyond 5 ft. if within its own goalie zone.

But what goalie zone is the “own” goalie zone?
and won’t the 5ft and the ball height would be enough to just get to the other goalie zone and score?

The blue alliances goalie zone is in front of the red goals. You can extend up to infinity (within a 6 in cylinder) in this zone, however when you enter the opponents goalie zone (in front of your goals) you cannot exceed 5 ft.

Per the glossary, your goalie zone is defined as the one marked by tape between your opponent’s front edge of their low goal and your alliance’s alliance wall.

If I understand your intention correctly, are you trying to score in the low goal? If yes, there have not been any rules that prohibit extending a mechanism into the goals, provided you are within all the other rules. The one to look out for would be R3, in which all extensions have to be within 20" of frame

The Goalie Zones are only on the opposing alliances scoring side.
GOALIE ZONE: the area in front of an ALLIANCE’S ALLIANCE WALL, bounded by the opponent’s LOW GOALS and black tape

our plans were basically for you don’t understand:
try and reach the other team’s goal, extend up to 5ft (according to you guys)
and just sink the ball inside but as the math shows you can’t reach that high… any suggestions on how to give a push?

I think it is safe to assume that the rules have been designed to require the ball to become airborne for some arbitrary distance in order to be scored in the high goal. Personally, I like the idea of a high arc with little forward velocity; just park right below the high goal next to a low goal cube and lob the ball in.


The HIGH GOALS are 11 ft. 6 in. wide and 3ft. 1 in. tall with the bottom edge of the opening located 6 ft. 10 ¾ in. above the carpet

The top of the ball is going to be no more than 1.25 inches above the bottom edge of the opening. I doubt you’d be able to just roll it in.

If you do not us a piston you will no make it to the high goal. But if you do not want to make the ball air-born you can rely on the assist points and the low goal.

Please clarify:
Can the blue drive into the red goalie zone?

If not can they extend into it (within the 60in ceiling)

Blue can drive into the red goalie zone, but their robot can not exceed 60 inches in height in the red goal zone, only in the blue goalie zone, and only one team robot at a time.

I’m sorry if somebody has already pointed this out, but here is a snippet from the rules:

ROBOTS may not break the planes of the openings of the opponent’s LOW GOALS.

Something our team is doing is using a piston to “punch” the ball up and through the goal, however we are shooting from much closer to the ground. But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use it higher up like you are saying, and that extra little push could easily send the ball through the goal.

At the time Caltran posted, G26-1 had not yet been added to the Rules by the GDC.