Goalie Zones

The rules day that robots can start in the white ZONE and between the TRUSS and their GOALS OR within their GOALIE ZONE.

However, it is unclear which goalie zone is your own.

It makes sense that a robot’s goalie zone would be on the opposite side of the field (to potentially block the other alliance’s shots), but once again, this is not clear.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

The question was slightly confusing.

Which goalie zone counts as “your own”?

Is it on the side of the opposing alliance’s goals, or on the side of your own goals?

To restate khanh’s question, does starting in the goal area mean you start on the opposite side from where your team is scoring, meaning you can block shots during autonomous?

Please see the definition of GOALIE ZONE.

Based on that, MasterEric’s answer would appear to be “yes, that is the case”.

This answer not official