goals: how much control?

180something pound goals are heavy, sure, but do any of you have any experience trying to control them? I’m curious, surrounding all this speculation that they’re going to be much harder to control than last year, especially those ideas that plan to grab two goals.

My speculation that it will take more than a simple latch to have decent control over moving the goal, especially turning with it. Any thoughts about this?

It may be possible to turn the goal if your robot could circle around it by grabbing with a side of the robot… then again, your robout would likely have trouble pulling it from the side. If you perhaps made your wheels able to turn…? Well, that would be a huge pain to try and engineer. I’m glad we didn’t go THAT route.

I think it’s going to be a bigger challenge than most people reallize. Similar (harder) than pulling the stretcher last year… we tried it. it was REALLY hard to do with a 130 pound robot on it. Actually, it just turned real slow, and getting it up the ramp was near impossible.

All I have to say it it’s going to be an interesting year.

In my opinion, the abillity to manipulate the goals effectively is going to set the ‘ever so popular’ goal manipulation robots apart. I believe when designing this game, the designers new goal manipulation was going to be popular (the miscellaneous robot polls seem to agree). That’s probably why they made the goals so heavy. To answer you’re question, some other teams are probably having problems too. I heard somewhere that it only takes about 30lbs of force to push a goal, but turning is probably a different story. It depends on how you’re trying to turn. Pivoting may put a greater strain on the system than a gradual turning radius. Maybe try a different method of handling. I Hope that I was of help.