How do you see the rule on goaltending…

“A ROBOT cannot interfere with a small ball on its downward flight toward a goal or within a goal.”

I am a basketball player…and if I am correct this has been taken directly from the rulebook. So as i see it a robot can block a human players shot on the upward flight correct.

Whats your opinion and how do you see the rule?


While that may be allowed by the letter of the rules, it isn’t within the spirit of the rules. If you were to ask on the FIRST Q/A, you’d probably get a similar response to the person who asked if they could block driver’s vision (Absolutely Not!)

You are correct. You are allowed to block balls on their upward flight. However, once a ball starts heading down you are penalized for interferring with it. It is a judges call, so if the ball is going no where near the goal, then you will not be penalized.

you would have a tough time blocking a HP shooting, since they are already tossing the ball over the 7 foot wall, and they can step to one side, or step back easily.

If blocking the shooter was your strategy, you still have a week to design and build a new robot. :^)

What is the ruling going to be called if you are trying to score for the other team??? Lets say you are scoring the 2x ball for the other team to up there score is that goaltending if it stops another ball from going in. Remember is a ball lands on top it is counted to

yes they will still call you for goaltending if you are capping the opponents goal while they are still shooting balls at it

how does the ref know if you intend to put the 2X ball on there and leave it there, or if you are only putting it there to block futher shots?

if a ball hits it while you are capping the goal, you are guilty of the crime of goal tending in the first degree.

I am not blocking your shot though i am scoring. I guess i should go to the first question and answer page to get the right ruling

After rereading the rules i have got my answer. I was not know that the ball was an extention of the robot. I guess i had a brain fart